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Dec 30, 2015

New Year SMS and Greetings for the year 2016

Greeting 1-

A new dusk, a new dawn
a whole new hope to move on…
May the rising Sun fulfill,
your every dream you can think of…
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!

Greeting 2-

As one year comes to an end
prepare for the glory of another
accept the past and learn from the mistakes
brace for the future without regrets
Have a blazing New Year!

Greeting 3-

This New Year, may you not just receive success
but blossom and flourish
to the deepest roots of your spirits
and find the true meaning of happiness!
Have a glorious New Year!

Greeting 4-

This is not just a new year
But a door of countless opportunities
May you succeed in all with flying colors
and live every moment with exuberance!
Have an amazing year ahead! Happy New Year!

Greeting 5-

Every New Year is just like a story
Waiting to filled with triumph and glory
Fill each page with love like an ace
so you may receive the Lord’s wonderful grace
Warm Regards and a Happy New year!


Akbar Ali

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Essay on 'Save Water' For Grade 4

247 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Water is one of the most important elements that we need in our daily lives. Accordingly it calls us for the utmost importance to save water both inside and outside our homes or in schools or our workplaces. When we talk about the water conservation, we aim to direct the consumer of the importance of water as the basis of life.

As a matter of fact, the concept of water conservation is to use water and benefit from it with the least amount and cost in all fields of life. In other words, you must reinforce this concept and increase the awareness campaigns to change the consumer habits. There are many ways in which you can help to save water. Firstly, you should avoid the extravagance. For example, you can use the shower instead of filling the basin .This will reduce the value of your water bill. Secondly, it is very important to educate your family to use the drip irrigation when they water the garden . Thirdly, you mustn't open the water faucet for a long time while shaving and brushing teeth and try to close the faucet and open it only when you need water. Finally, you can do a periodic check for the pipes and faucets to make sure of their validity.

To conclude, we need to practice the best civilized methods in dealing with save water. We have to join hands together to deal with the lack of water through the best and most appropriate ways by conditioning our daily habits and as well.

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Dec 25, 2015

Essay on Women Empowerment in India For Class 10

629 words Essay

Empowerment of Women - this is a phrase that each of us can claim of hearing quite often! But do we really understand what it is, especially in the context of our Indian society?

The word ‘empower’ which according to dictionary means ‘giving power or authority to’ or ‘to authorize’ can be well understood in simplest way as creating an environment where one can make independent decisions regarding both personal issues or about family or society at large.

When we talk of empowering women in our Indian society, it draws huge attention towards treating them at par with men so that they also equally participate in the personal, social, economic and political growth of the nation. Over the years, no doubt Indian women have transpired as strongest pillars in nation building and have time and again proved that whenever given a chance they can be the best decision makers for themselves, their family as well as the entire society.

Crime against women in our society is not something that has newly emerged or has become a burning issue. Let us not ignore the fact that it had always existed in some or the other form. But in today’s world due to improved channels of communication and media involvement we are able to get updated about any unfortunate incident in no time. Gender Equality is definitely the first step towards bringing women empowerment in India. But the best way to look at it would be an understanding that neither men nor women alone can build an environment of growth and development as a whole. It’s just that each has to play his or her role in the best possible way and develop a sense of respect for each other. And here comes the importance of upbringing our younger generation in a way that they know right from their childhood that both men and women play equal role in running a family, a society and a nation!

We have to work together to eradicate the male chauvinistic image of India. Understanding and eliminating the main cause of ill practices against women in our society is the need of the hour. Women in India are no more confined within the four walls of their houses doing household chores and looking after their family. They are now aware of their rights to be independent in every sphere of life. Programmes like Millenium Development Goal (MDG), where 3rd MDG is directly related to Empowerment of Women in India, establishment of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Swayamsidha Programme (an integrated scheme for the empowerment of women), National Commission for Women, several upcoming NGOs working on women rights and Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana, are some of the milestones towards gender equality and women empowerment in India.

A woman is a complete cycle within whom the lies the power to create, nurture and transform. This gives us the reason to make all possible efforts to empower women to:
- have equal opportunities for education as they are equally competent and intellectual,
- make independent decisions at home as well as at workplace,
- have equal employment prospects without any gender bias,
- feel safe and comfortable inside and also outside home,
- know about their social and legal rights,
- have economical and financial choices and also
- live with self-respect and dignity.

As quoted by famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel --- “ A girl should be two things : who and what she wants”, let us all understand and implement Women Empowerment in true sense by resolving to wake up to a world that is moving towards harmony and equality.

An empowered woman can be an indispensable asset for the society, let her be the free bird and you will see the change

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Essay on 'Your Appearance For Class 5

246 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

One of the important advantage that should be enjoyed by all people is the interest in appearance which unfortunately, we no longer observe dramatically these days.

Some people wake up from sleep and set off to their work without looking in the mirror or that some of them will wear a harmless clothes for the attention. There are also many people who take care of themselves in the wrong way by blind imitation of fashion that does not fit the community. The first thing that can be done to be good-looking is to take care of personal hygiene and monotony. It is very important not to go out foul smell that alienated the people around you, and even the closest people to you, as it is very important to take care of dressing , combing hair and washing face well . If there is a sensitivity or disease to hurt viewers, especially in the skin, it can be taken care of by various creams. Not all what appears on the television screens of fashion and hairstyles fits all people, but a certain class of people that express their ideas in this appearance. We should wear clothes that fit where we would go. It is not logical to wear the same clothes everyday in order to go to work or important meetings. To conclude, no matter what your clothes are, it's good to take care of the body by practice different exercise in order to walk properly.

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Dec 18, 2015

Essay On Christmas For Class 6

Christmas which is celebrated commemorating the birth of Jesus is a festival of smiles, love, sharing and laughter. What can possibly be a better way to remember the one person who loved us more than He loved himself and sacrificed His life for us? Christmas in true sense is the time of the year when we all should be thankful to Him.

Essay On Christmas For Class 6

Winter is the time to pull out your sweaters, say goodbye to bad hair days and sweat and say hello to cool chilly afternoons and that feeling of never wanting to get out of the bed. But the one thing that is more awaited is a certain festival like Christmas that knocks our heart with the advancement of the winter season . A festival which has been coined as the happiest festival, a festival which has been devoted in bringing smiles on the faces of your loved ones, a festival we all celebrate as Christmas. In every way, a festival awaited by everyone Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the world. There is generally a public holiday through most parts of the world on this day, even though mostly it is widespread in the US, it is also celebrated in countries like India, United Kingdom etc. Even if the celebrations are not as huge as that in the US, where people religiously celebrate it and make it necessary for everyone to exchange cards and gifts and of course warm hugs and smiles, other countries also celebrate Christmas.

Reasons why Christmas is the happiest festival of all times:
• Christmas Cards – Like we have friendship day cards, and birthday cards and Halloween cards and every other card we also have Christmas cards. Exchanging cards on Christmas is an age old activity. But to send cards to someone staying far or out of the country, we have the cool option to send online Christmas cards. Customise it, write your own personal little note and add pictures and emoticons of your own choice and your personalised online card becomes ready for sending at any part of the world within a fraction of time.

• Christmas Trees – Be it real or artificial Christmas trees are something which is a must have in every apartment on Christmas day. But it is to be noted that nowadays people prefer artificial trees over real ones because not only are they hassle free but also they can be stored away and reused again which is not possible for a real tree.

• Fancy Dress – The best part about Christmas, apart from the gifts of course, is the liberty of getting to dress up real nice and pretty to celebrate this event. After all nowadays everyone just needs a reason to celebrate and get beautifully dressed up and what can be a better reason that our very own Christmas! Girls and guys alike come out wearing really fancy dresses and strut on the streets with pride. In most clubs, pubs and lounges we find people dressed up as Santa Clause spreading gifts and chocolates to young kids on the streets.

Christmas also means Santa Claus. As matured elders we all know the truth about Santa. But for children he does exist and it is on Christmas he visits each and every home to keep small token gifts on the bedside or under the Christmas tree. Small kids and children wait the entire year for this one very day expecting to see Santa Claus and meet him. However, the mysterious beauty of Christmas and the grandeur of the festivity keep the fun going on and on every year.

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Dec 16, 2015

Essay on 'The Importance of the Social Relatioships' For Class 8

247 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"We are in need of a sense of love , belonging and appreciation of those around us ;otherwise, we will remain in suffering from anxiety, boredom, nervousness and lack of self-esteem. This can be done by the social relationships which provide the feeling of happiness , confidence, security and psychological comfort.

The variety of social relations is one of the successful factors in daily life , so it's necessary to establish them to protect us from isolation. As we invest money to protect us from the vagaries of time, we have to invest our time in establishing the successful social relationships.

Our need to form social relationships has become stronger than before because no one can live away from the others, but we have to enhance these relations for better. In order to establish the successful relationships, we need some of the social skills that help us make friends and keep them, such as ethics, courtesy, expression of love, trust and common interests.

The multiplicity of social relations satisfies human needs in discovering different types of people who are able to deal with different types of personalities, so it should not be based on one type only. In other words, whenever the relationships are various, they will be better. To conclude, the success of any relationship depends on the basis of compatibility, disciplines and willingness with others. Therefore, if we understand and improve our social interactions with others, this can have beneficial effects in all aspects of our lives.

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Dec 11, 2015

Essay on 'The Budget Management' For Class 8

249 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Budget management is the planning that is used to limit the available resources, and how to be spent on various expenses in a period of time. This planning would be good income management in order to meet the multiple needs of the family.

In fact, the family needs spending on food, clothes , doctors , treatments, rents , bills , water and electricity. The family must record all expenses and basic needs appropriately. However, a lot of families are suffering from the liabilities or needs that are more of their income . Here attention should be paid to a number of things to get rid of this node by following simple standard of living and keeping away from showing off to draw the attention of others. The family can go to stores that offer good discounts and take advantage of each others' experiences to reform and paint what they may have and without the help of people who will receive paid on it. There are many factors that adversely affect, such as random purchase, debts in an orderly fashion, buying expensive things to brag in front of others. Parents must raise awareness in consumption and spending money wisely, as they must educate their children from a young age that they have a good model of Consumer. They must teach them how to maintain their clothes, and close the water faucet. Parents can also take advantage of their free time or annual leave to earn additional income for the family.

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Dec 8, 2015

Essay on 'Patience is The Key to Relief' for Class 10

735 Words essay for Class 10 By:Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"Success cannot be achieved in a day or two, but it is a long- term goal. We need to work months and years for it, so that we can achieve and accomplish it and then we can say that we have actually become successful.

We need to be patient, and after patience we can reach the goal. It is said "if you want to be obeyed, ask for what is possible". For me, I consider patience as a basic step, especially, for those who seek a big success that needs a long time and five-year plans in order to taste the sweetness. It is also said, "which comes as easy as possible goes easily, while that comes with difficulty and long patience lasts for long periods ". Ask yourself before you begin ""Are you ready to be patient and take a long time to achieve what you wish?""

Yes, patience is beautiful and it is required to achieve your wishes and it is one of the best key to unlock the dreams of future, but you should not make a lot of mistakes as the aspirants do. Patience has its limits and if you have a specific goal and this goal needs to be achieved in one year, I do not think you'll need the patience of two or three years. You have to determine the period of patience and handle the mistakes that led to the length of the waiting period. We see that in the field of work where there are many projects that can be useful for employees or customers, but they require a period of time to show their effectiveness of the projects. If you need to be patient for the success of these projects, you can achieve the desired goals. The method of execution builds the confidence of the customers of showing the results very ahead of the drawn boundary of patience. Today's politician lies to people of their false commitment and console the people to be in patience for watching the results. Illusory promise never show reflection of truth. People understand the intention of these types of politician. Today's people first doubt and judge more minutely if any politician make promise of more delivery.

The urgency in the results and lack of patience can be the cause of the destruction. For example, in the world of football, we find a dismissal to a number of coaches after two losses or three. This will lead to instability of the team. While we find some clubs endure their coaches for years and they get good results and achievements because of the patience on the coach that has led to stability in the team. The importance of patience is not only in the event of disasters, but also when waiting for the results. In the world of education, we are waiting for years to get out educated young men and women hold advanced degrees in order to support and achieve the educational goals for the future. In cricket it is most important for a batsman to stand on pitch patiently. If he does so runs will come easily. If he fails to remain in patience by standing on pitch , he will lose his batting and the team will also lose the match. The doors are locked in very hurry by many people and these people turn again and again to recheck the condition of lock. But if they locks in patience then it makes a print on their memory that the lock has been done properly. There are much more example of patience that can be utilized as key in our life to succeed. "

If we discuss some of the successful stories, we find the best example of our Prophet Mohammed, God's blessing and peace be upon him; who continued to call for 23 years until he said in ""Farewell Hujj"" :""Today I have perfected your religion."" The call succeeded after many years and the patience of the harm and torture did not stop or tolerate until he achieved the success.

It is said that man asked Antara: ""What is the secret of your courage and you beat the men? Antara said: ""Place your finger in my mouth and take my finger and put it in your mouth"" and they bit each other, the man shouted and did not endure, so Antara said: ""Heroes can overcome by patience and endurance"".

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Dec 4, 2015

Essay on 'The importance of Reading' For Class 7

220 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Reading is the first gate to receive a various knowledge. Here it lies the importance of reading to open a wide comprehensive horizons for us; which will inevitably lead us to the development of life.

Reading is very important to know the facts and figures of whole mankind. We can not increase our knowledge by only listening and talking. Our mind is like an empty water tank that need water of knowledge. It must be filled otherwise it cannot benefit other and lose its identity. It can only be filled by reading in real sense. Teachers opens the window of knowledge but reading pushes us into the room of knowledge. Therefore reading is most important.

There are many benefits of reading. Firstly, it is one of the means to provide more fun and useful, especially if you seek to develop your lives. Secondly, it is the only way that enables you to acquire multiple skills. Thirdly, through reading you can earn some material gains and improve the conditions of your living. In addition , you can also learn new language other than your native language.

Another benefit is that you can improve and develop the languages possessed. Finally, it gives you the ability to write in a better way so as to break into the world of writing and authoring.

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