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Essay on Journey to Shimla For Class 5

"Shimla is a gift packed in snow and beauty" Himachal Pradesh has a green allure hidden in its bosom and I think that each and every individual should absorb this place with wholeheartedness. If you have visited Shimla, you probably might still remember it's magical environment and dimly weather. But if you have not yet visited this majestic place, let me tell you, it is worth the trip! As you go high up, on the mountains, you can see why this beauty lies on the top, apart from everything else, but still, and magnificent in its place. As you go by the roads, it is noticed that each and every house has it's own little garden of beauty. The beautiful cottages and old houses will make you want to live in it for the rest of your life. "Swirly roads will make your eyes roll, but don't forget to enjoy the steamy momos, Pretty is your face and so is the nature's gate, so make the most of the snowy place, Sun is all cozy in the wintery blanket, don't forg…

'The Importance of Science' Essay For Class 10

643 Words Essay by : K. STOVALL
As man descended from the trees and began the journey into the future science was born from the first step upon the ground. The daughter of necessity, science was the truth by which we fed. No only did our inept knowledge of science sustain our bodies helping our physicals selves survive and evolve but it nurtured our minds leading us down the path towards humanity. Early man with their herbs, mushrooms and one can imagine some humorous trial and error lead future generations of man into what would become the basis by which every moment of our existence has been built on to this day. Throughout the ages science, although not always named so, was foundation by which human life survived. Unfortunately,science became superstition and the less evolved leaf on the tree of humanity saw its' mystery as magic and began to persecute early practitioners of what would become know as the dark arts. The brightest minds of the time risked death to advance th…

Essay on Journey to Goa For Class 4

This essay on journey to Goa can also be used for lower classes by taking easy sentences from this essay. My recent summer vacations were spent at Goa. My parents accompanied me to Goa and we took a bus ride to be there. Though the bus ride was very gloomy and hot, we somehow managed to arrive at our destination. The entrance to the city of Goa was highly welcoming and I could glance around at a number of fishermen in the sea on their boats. Some of the boats contained stocks of fish which were being supplied to the local fish shops. We headed far up into the main city where I got to see a lot of tourists who had come from various countries. The city was bustled up with greenery all around. I also noticed a large number of coconut and palm trees alongside. If only our city had so many trees too, wouldn’t it be a nicer place? Though it was midday, the air was fresh and soothing. We had a delicious meal at the local restaurant and then we headed up to our guesthouse which provided u…

Essay on 'Aim to Become an Artist'

"The mind of artists are always on fleek". An artist is a person whose mind is like a sea with lots of dreams, colours, inventions and imaginations. If you have ever talked to an artist, you will know in which world they live in. They may be an introvert but the mindset which they have is of a dreamer, who dreams of flying as high as possible. When they hold a paint brush, they are no more a person who only paints, but they are the one's who paint a masterpiece. Most of the famous artists never wanted to paint only for money, they wanted to showcase their talent because they wanted to inspire others. So when you aim to become an artist, never do it just because you want to earn, but do it because you want to make people awestruck. There is something different about these artists which we can never understand. They are the beholders of colours in their minds. Nobody can paint a masterpiece, but the one who does it are the ones with a difference in attitude and mind…

Essay on 'All that Glitters is not Gold'

Splendor of a king may have pauperism life like a beggar. It is just as synonym as "all that glitters is not gold" We live in an era where everything seems beautiful and perfect but what we don't know is the anomaly it undermines. Everything you think is made perfect to you but the reality behind it is unknown to you. We are now, living in a race called the "Herd" where everybody follows what everybody else is following, the will to do it by yourself has been lost. People are wasting time on something which is not worth the time. Everybody wants money, everybody wants to live a lavish life and everybody wants materialistic things, but the fact they don't know is that money and material will not last forever. In this race to possess things, people are actually losing their values and behaviors. Rita and Lillian were best of friends but they had an opposite mindset. Rita always thought that materialism bought her love and respect, while Lillian thought th…

Essay On Role of Father For Class 5

It is often said that after mother if anyone loves his children the most, he is the father. Father is not merely a word but it is a feeling and a position that contains thousands of responsibilities with it. It is known to every single person of the world even an infant can feel the importance of a father in his life. Father creates a kind of magic in ones life that can be only felt and lived but can’t be seen. The safest place to reside in the world is under the guidance of father. One can feel secure and loved in his presence. However father never gives birth to his children but is equally loving, caring and responsible for his child’s upbringing. The number of sacrifices a father does for his children is beyond the calculations of any mathematician. He is the one person who will never leave you alone even in the hardest times of your life. The amount of love and care he showers is unpredictable. A father is always concerned about his children’s safety and future. …

108 Word Essay on Visit to Taj Mahal For Class 2

By :Shri Krishan
Last year, we went to Taj Mahal. We went there by train. Taj Mahal is situated in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. It was built by king Sahjhan for his wife Mumtaj Mahal.Taj Mahal is made of white marbel. The making work of Taj Mahal was started in 1630. Taj Mahal was completed in 22 years and 20 thousand peoples are required for completing it. Many tourists came to Taj Mahal. We went to many other historical places. We went to Red Fort also. It was very nice. We came back from there. We enjoyed our visit to Taj Mahal .We will never forget our visit to Taj Mahal.