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330 Words Short Essay on Health is Wealth

By Akbar Ali, (330 Words):We can find many advisors looking into the proverb 'health is wealth' and overlooking his own health. Free from diseases does not certify healthiness. Maybe yours all routine tests of the body are healthy and in normal range, but if you are suffering from stress, uneasiness then you will not be  said to be healthy. Satisfaction, contentment and entertaining lifestyle are the sign of healthy life and good health. Running behind wealth has become an objective of today's people. The madness of wealth accumulation is giving no spare time to them for thinking about their health, and thus the lifestyle of today's people has become idle, unsocial, lazy and inactive. It doesn't mean that they are out of their sense of health. Not at all, they think that after becoming wealthy they can  somehow gain health, but time after time, they become trapped in the addiction of money making game. After few years they retort sitting on the bag of wealth and tr…

My Parent Essay For Class 3 (147 words) | Class 4 (268 words)

I am eight years old. I am fortunate for caring , sharing, loving and frank attitude of my parents. I am loved by my parent; is the most precious gift in my life. I am proud to have them in my life. My father is an engineer , therefore I do not face any problem in my study. My mother is very much consistent for sitting with me at my study time. She also has great talent of cooking delicious food. My father closely looks into my requirements and most of all he understand my mental embarrassing factors for not fulfilling anything for my school. He quickly take action for bringing any material or solving any school task ; which I do not understand.My parents takes me to fair, park and cinema. In winter season I go to our company's club and play badminton with my parents. Till here is 147 wordsUp to class 3 . above portion is sufficient. For higher classes see the below paragraph about my parent.When he remains in office , for that time he left one help master for me i.e. the lapto…

My Introduction Essay for Class 1 (115 words)

Hello everybody! Respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. In very short I would like to introduce my self. Please bear with me naughty for a short while. I myself Azar Kumar belongs to class 1 of this school. I am 5 years old. My fathers's name is Amar Kumar and my mother's name is Anna Devi. I am proud of my family in which joint family concept is still live. I have an elder sister and I live at Samajwadi Road, Dehradoon. I tries to look into my dream future but don't overlook my responsibility to our family and  society. I want to be a politician to clean the political dirt from its root.

Meeting and Greeting Essay For Class or Std 6 (443 words)

By Akbar Ali(443 words): Meeting and greeting are the two integral part of human life; which keeps him energetic, social, youthful and beautify his disposition. These two parameters also play a vital role in human success and failure. Meeting means coming together. Greeting means act of welcoming a person or gesture used to greet a person or you may say expression of goodwill. 
Human beings have to daily come in contact of other or have to attend a meeting for maintaining sociability and interpersonal relationship for total life balance . Sometime it become necessary to meet with other board, member or association. For example many of us have to attend an interview to get a job. At this situation controlled and dynamic gesture for greeting works better for success. A businessman maintain meeting properly in his life and greet everyone with charming, gesture to put feel-good factor on customers. 
Now I am telling how to keep very good gesture for greeting a person. It is most important t…

310 Words short essay on Time is Money for kids

Time can be turned into money if it is utilised efficiently in present. Time never stops. It never shows pity to poor and never salute the rich. It has its own weight and value. It can not be returned and can not be saved. It can only be used as an opportunity.It is quite difficult to show and prove for children that the time is money. But there is small and simple way to realise them about its value.First example-It is usually listened from few hard working person that 'Time is money' Don't waste it. Actually these type of people work hard and gain a lot. For them 24 hrs. a day  is very short period of time. Irrespective of these person, we have also seen the kind of men sitting and passing time. These people usually says that it is very hard to pass time. Actually these kind of people do nothing and also earn nothing. So it is proved that the person who use time efficiently gains respect status, money and high reputation in the society. They treat  time as money. And who…

246 Words Short Essay on Pandit JawaharLal Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of independent India. He was born at Allahabad on 14th November, 1889. The Nehru family came from Kashmir and then permanent settled in Allahabad. His father's name was  Motilal Nehru; who was a great and prominent lawyer and a national leader. He is said to be the architect of modern India. Jawaharlal received his education in England and became a barrister. But he did not practise law. He joined India's freedom movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. very soon Jawaharlal emerged as a great leader and was elected president of the Indian National Congress. He was sent to prison for several times and suffered. He was sent to prison for several times and suffered. As the Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru tried hard to build India of his dream. His mission of construction heavy Industry in first five year plan proved to be the building stone for today's efficient Indian economy. He advocated for mixed economy where pub…

175 Words Short Essay on Our Prime Minister for Class 2 (India)

Our Prime Minister at present is  Manmohan Singh. He is the 13th Prime Minister of India. He is holding this post since 22 May 2004. Our prime minister is appointed by President of India. He is elected by party member; which gets majority of vote. The Prime Minister of India is the chief advisor to the President of India. He is also the chief executive of the parliament. He is the head of the Council of Ministers and the leader of the majority party in parliament. The Prime Ministers leads the executive branch of the Government of India. He has the power of selecting ministers and also has the power of dismissing the ministers  of the cabinet. He allocates the posts to the ministers. He is the chairman of the cabinet. He proposes the legislation in the Loksabha (Member of Parliament). For helping Prime Minister there is a group of officials in PMO ( Prime Minister Office). He can hold the posts of other ministry after party's decision. The cabinet gets dissolved if he dies.  The a…

219 Words Essay on Subhas Chandra Bose | Essay on A 'GREAT NATIONAL PATRIOT'

Netaji Subhas chandra Bose was a great national patriot and was one of the most prominent Indian Nationalist leader . He was born at Cuttack on 1897. His father's name was Janakinath Bose and mother's name was Prabhabati Devi. He passed both the Matriculation Examination and the ICS. Examination with great credit. Subhas Chandra's only dream to get back mother  land from foreign rule by force. So, he joined India's  British Government. Very soon Subhas Chandra became a great leader. He was elected president of the Indian National Congress twice. He has been ousted from Indian National Congress in 1939. After all  he left the party and formed the Forward Bloc. It happened because of the difference of freedom fighting style with congress conservative style of struggling for freedom.  The British Government arrested him many times. Once he was kept interned in his own house in Calcutta. But Subhas Chandra escaped one night in 1941 AD and left India in disguise. In Singap…

260 Words Essay on Importance of Discipline in Our Life for class 5

By Administrator, 268 Words:Discipline is one of the most important part of human beings for total natural and artificial gain and to sustain in the canvas of nature. It is because nature already exhibiting the discipline of day and night event, Sun and Moon rotation, Change of season etc. Nature has never been personal. It apply its prevalent activities by  all constant parameters of the God's manual set for the nature. So we can say that  discipline is existing in us from very beginning of my life. We just scratch out those hidden power from our mind. So discipline importance is not a hypothesis, but there are practical footprints in the history. It is discipline which made British people to capture about one-fourth of the countries to rule  successfully. It is because of their disciplined pursue and attack  on India that devastated the 300 years Mugal rule in India. Lion's group hunting in the jungle is sufficient to teach us the importance of discipline. 

The renowned publ…

Short Essay on MAHATMA GANDHI For Class std 3 (295 Words) | 'M.K. Gandhi' or 'Bapu'

By Administrator, 295 Words:
Politics has always been low on ethical ground, but Mahatma Gandhi the greatest political leader of India raised ethics of politics religiously at greater height. Full name of 'Mahatma Gandhi' was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869 at Porbandar in Gujrat (India) in a Bania cast. Gandhi's father's name was Karamchand Gandhi. His mother's name was Putlibai. His wife's name was Kasturba (also written as Kasturbai). He was very honest and truthful from his very boyhood. He was strong opponent of communalism. He went to England to become a barrister. He completed his law in England and came back to India in 1893 Gandhi then went to South Africa. There he applied the techniques of non-violence and civil disobedience to get the civil rights of Muslim and Hindu Indians in South Africa. Here he began his political career by way of protest against the British rulers. He applied the new technique of Satyagraha and b…

Essay on My Favourite Subject English For Class 10 (540 words)

Introduction:Before disposing my sticky behaviour towards my favourite language, I would like to draw attention about the most important fact of this dream language. English is West Germanic language; which was first spoken in early Medieval England. But it is now most spoken and usable language in the world. United Kingdom,  United States, Canada Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and many more countries use and speak it as first language. American English and British English the two major varieties of the language are spoken by about 400 million people. It is one of the leading language of the world. It has got international acceptance, prestige and value. Total worldwide English speakers may exceeds one billion in future. These are few logics out of  many that caused me to choose this language as my favourite subject.Why English is my Favourite Subject: English is the basic language of communicating anybody  anywhere in the world. From my school time I have noticed that many of my cl…

Essay on My Mother For class or std 2 Point wise

This essay can be used as 'paragraph on my mother' or  essay on 'mothers' for lower class. And few lines may be helpful for mothers day essay.

•My mother is the most beautiful caring dear in my life.
•She gives me sweet sleep at night. •My mother tell me lovely story at night and get asleep and I   enters into beautiful dream. •She awakes me in the early morning and loves me a lot.  •She helps me to get ready for school. •My mother sometimes feed my breakfast.  •She cares me so much that I could not bear separation from  her while going to school. •She waits for my return from school by standing on the door.  • I jump  into her lap everyday and feel best at the moment. •I do my school homework with the help of my mother. •My mother is cooking master of varieties of dishes. •She sometime cooks dish of my choice. •My mother presence in my life matters much for me. •I feel proud for wisdom and love of my mother. •My love forces me to pour out my hearts to my mother.

Mother Essay for class or std 8 750 Words

By Administrator:  Total : 750 Words The modern English word "Mother" is from middle English words "Moder". . In old English it was "Modor". Mother is one who cares us till her death. Mother is reasoned well behind birth of all the living creatures. Our existence is because of our birth. Birth activity is the primmest , superb , hardest part of the mother in this world; after which she gets another life by giving  life to others.Name of Mother in various Language: In English we say mother as Mother, Mama, Mom. In Arbic we say "Ahm"  In Hindi we say Ma Maji and  Matri, In French  Mère, Maman, In Urdu Ammi. etc Similarly there are various name in many language. Mum and mummy are used in the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Newzealand, India, Pakistan, Hongkong and Ireland. Charles, Prince of Wales publicly addressed his mother Queen Elizabeth II as "Mummy" on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.Mother words is very much r…