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317 Words My Best Teacher Essay

(317 Words): Our success and achievements are the due credit of someone who influenced our way of thinking in our life journey and also is  an stimulant that pumped us  in reaching to the destination we aimed at the early time of our life. He is our( or my) best Teacher. Mr X is my best teacher. When I heard many things about him, I decided to get blessed from him for my study. I have grown up under his mentoring and is now a successful person, but the memory of my ideal is still in my mind. One most great thing I want to share with everyone,  it is that he being a great teacher is very honest to his profession. Many students including me used to take tuition from him . But mind me he used to teach chemistry as better in the class as he used to be in home tuition. We used to get taught other subject like mathematics  in the tution. That is why I took his tutoring otherwise his school class for chemistry was more than sufficient.  He used to remained very much dedicated to teach us che…

267 Word Essay About Health

Health means physically slim and fit. This is very basic saying about health. Physical fitness comes from healthy lifestyle. Children must be moulded to healthy lifestyle from very beginning. We should avoid buying costly eating items  ( e.g sweets , butter, pouch milk etc ) during festival time. It is because adulteration has now become an uncontrolled process and festivals are the best opportunity for business gain. This time runs in crisis of raw food products and that's why everyone loses his ethic and does all wrongs. We must be cautious and should eat anything intelligently. Next we should put our body at physical exhortation at least once in 24 hours. Walking 4 kilometres a day or playing any game is very good option. We must select a habit which works better for us to throw us into night sleep easily. For example washing leg , hand and face and reading story book before going to bed works very good to initiate the sleeping.  It is most important to remain in feel good sens…

Success Comes to Those Who Dare and Act Essay For Class 10

Success is the fulfilment or achievement of one's goal set at long time ago that gives heartfelt happiness in life. After achieving it one can relax on his confidence and enjoy in ecstasy. But it doesn't comes true for all desiring individual,  but is the unreachable and hardly scored gem of few who dare and act to feel it's touch. 
How to dare and act for success (what are success factors): As success lies after an unlocked and  tough barrier , therefore we need an obsession of performance at a pace that is the best for you and that is generally impossible  to come up for a general performer. One must choose the goal or profession which is connected with one's strength. To execute with a comfort the target must be broken into small - small tasks and a diary must be maintained. Creativity comes in mind anytime anywhere as a spark. It must be noted immediately in the physical diary or in an electronic diary like smart mobile (e.g. Samsung Galaxy).  Theses small informati…

Saving Our Earth Essay For Grade 1

Keywords: save the earth, save earth, how to save the earth, ways to save the earth, save our earth for kids, earth day, earth day activities, what is earth day, earth day facts,water conservation tips, environment. (155 words )* Earth is very important planet for us.
*In Hinduism we regard Earth as mother.
*The Earth is in big trouble in this century.
*It is feeling overheated.
*That is why It is sometime not behaving normally with us.

*We have overused our Earth, which is very dangerous.

*We should save energy to save the Earth.

*So we should learn for how to save energy.

*There are many ways to save our Earth.

*Waste products to be recycled.

*We should not keep water tap opened unnecessarily.
* We must plant trees to make our Earth green and cool.

*We must reduce electricity consumption.

*We should avoid use of air conditioner.

*Electric bulb to be switched off when it is not needed.

*Garbage is not to be burnt without any purpose.

*We should also save environment, because it is also a vital part o…

Leisure Time Essay For Class or Grade 6

(212 words) All of us work most of the time to earn our daily wages and yet we have a  time at our disposal with full freedom to spend as we like. This time is leisure time for rest.Leisure is necessary for every living being, name, for non living objects also for recreational activities. Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose, the great scientist of India had demonstrated and prove that metals such as steel used in scissors and machineries are subject to fagtigue, and regain efficiency by periodic test. So we see that everything in this world requires rest. As we need food for body so also we need leisure for the same purpose. We enjoy our leisure time in various ways. Students may spend their leisure time with sight seeing or by making leisure tours (trips) to any place of importance. They can have recourse to any other outdoor game. A worker who does physical labour, can find pleasure and relief in a game of chess or ludo or going to a book or chatting with his friends. We can also arrange a le…

Wealth And Happiness Essay for Grade 12

Keywords: Does wealth bring happiness, happiness wealth, what is happiness in a relationship, gospel of wealth. Wealth and happiness are the two most seriously important aspiration and hungriness of today's time. Wealth is now being considered the concrete means for destiny of happiness. Wealthier person is now rated in the reputed world's magazine. Wealth accumulation is now being taught indirectly in our smart society. As per today's justification, it is evident that happiness cannot be ensured without wealthiness. Wealthier person are being paid due respect in our society irrespective of their bad human qualities and behaviour if  they possess.  Good virtue  still liked by all. That means weighing a human being on wealth scale is wrong. But our society is following the wrong path. This is the highest reason of virtual happiness achieved with the help of wealth.  It  doesn't mean that wealthier people generally have bad qualities. These are the reason of human lenienc…

One Day Of Leave Essay for Class 6 | Happy Holidays

In our day to day life , we all have our daily jobs to do.  Sometimes we get depressed and become frustrated with our daily repetitive routine work.   At that time we need a change for keeping us healthy and stressfree.    
                As we are students so it is a good idea to enjoy a day leave.   In this situation, we can relax ourselves by taking an off-day (Holiday) from our regular job. 
I planed to get relaxed for one day.  It was very smart way of neglecting classes of a  boring teachers and utilising same day for a rest. So simply I wrote a leave application for the next day   giving a solid excuse. On that night I took deep sleep and woke up late in the morning. First I took my tooth brush and sat in the lawn. In the morning, dew droplets on the grass and the leaves mesmerized me. My mother daily feeds birds in my lawn. On that day I enjoyed it also. Few birds have become my mother's friend. They don't get fear from my mother. I loved this relationship of my mother …