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Essay on 'Self-Development' For Class 5

230 Words Essay for Class 5 by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas "Everyone has dreams and goals in his life trying to achieve; therefore, it is natural to look for the ways leading to achieve these goals by the process of self development. This process is a paved way towards learning how to self-develop through which we can know the size of our capabilities and what we need to do. In other words, this process resembles so much the process of building. In order to build a house, we must first have to draw a blueprint for this house. Then, we provide all the materials that we need in this building .Later it remains to follow the considered plan and the use of tools and building materials. When we develop ourselves, we offer a large step towards reaching our objectives that we dream to achieve. In fact , self - development has great benefits. Firstly, it will improve the way we communicate with others through the development of our skills we need for that. This will consolidate our socia…

Essay on Truthfulness For Class 10th Stander

“A man is known by his virtue and by the truth he bestows upon others.” In the initial days of our childhood, we are taught the basic things like how to be obedient, how to not tell lies and how to be chivalrous. Little did we know that these basic things will become the most important things in our personal lives. “Be truthful in your life because they hold up the strings of friendship, the lines of character and guide you to be trustworthy”. In any relationship, being truthful comes first; for once that belief of trust is gone; it never comes back again. Everybody knows the story of THE SHEPHERD BOY AND THE WOLF, where the lie was told again and again but when the true truth was told no one believed him. “An opinion I bestow,
Discard the tendency to lie,
Be courageous enough to tell the truth,
Even if it’s bitter taste may last long”. We may lie , however we not to be, for smaller things because we are afraid to tell the harsh truth. We over think to reveal some opinion, …

Essay On ' The Homeland' for class 3

176 words Essay by :  Kareem Ghawi Abbas "Homeland is small word, but it carries big and great meanings. It is word of pride and identity which is carried by everyone who loves his homeland. It is not a spoken word or singing poetry we praises, but a work and constant duty. When we say that the country is beautiful, we must preserve its beauty and increase its splendor . When we say that the homeland is more precious than our lives, we must defend him until the last drop of our blood and to the last day of age. Man without a homeland is like a body without spirit There is no more expensive to humans from their homeland and identity , pride and belonging. Homeland is a shelter that combines its people and family. It is a great blessing from God who gave us, so we should save and defend it. Homeland cannot progress without its people who love it, because each of us possesses the skills and the experience of being able to work for the sake of it. "

Essay on Science Teachers For Class 10

542 Words Essay Undoubtedly, teaching science is a valuable career for people with a good aptitude and deep passion for the subject. Many people ponder over the question- how to be a science teacher? Today, science teaching jobs is not only appealing to college students belonging to a science discipline, but also to the professionals who plan to switch their careers later in life and decide to teach science. In today’s time, the need for teachers belonging to the STEM that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields as compared to other fields is consistently growing high all over the world. This guide will provide you the brief insights into the essential education, job viewpoint and salary of the science teaching profession. A brief job description of Science teacher - Science teachers not only assist in answering the different type of questions, but also they motivate their students to look for the answers for themselves so that they can explore and know about new thin…

157 Words Essay on "Friendship " For Class 4

157 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas The friendship is a small word but it is very large in its size, its significance, its meaning and its content. It's the most beautiful thing in the life and is also a fine human relationship. Friendship is an expression of great splendor as human relevance of integration and interdependence between human beings. It has a strong psychological bond between two people, and is considered a business deal between the people. The friendship is priceless and is not measured by any measure, and is not weighed by balance but It's bigger than all of these things. No one can live alone in an isolation from the others, but he or she needs a help from a friend to stand by his or side all time. If you choose a similar friend to your character, you will find yourself more comfortable and calm. However, It is really difficult to find a real friend these days.

Essay on "Value of Working " For Grade 6

378 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas"For me, I see the call of the Muezzin (a person who tells AZAN in Mosque) every morning «Come to Success» (In Arabic: Hai-A-Lal-Fala)as an instruction asking me to go out of the house and do something beneficial to me, and to achieve the daily fruitful and continuous product for mankind as well. Although the Quran (or Koran) and the Hadith ask us to work with dedication and mastering, and to earn a living from the sweat of the brow, but we do not see an effective impact to that invitation in Muslim communities. We have no sustainable mechanisms to uphold the value of work and instill ethics in our hearts. Personally, I have conducted many of the frustrated conversations with the young people who feel that they have really acquired a job in the public sector, and when I ask someone, why do not think about working in the private sector, he or she shudders just thinking about the existence of the heavy workload and the expectation …

Essay on Home Pharmacy For Class 4

193 words essay byKareem Ghawi Abbas "Home pharmacy is very necessary for family life to treat urgent cases that may be needed by any member of your family. How do you make your home pharmacy? It's important to keep the drugs out of the reach of children and prevent them from being used by any inexperienced person. You can divide your home pharmacy into two main parts: the first part is the therapeutic substances that including gauze, cotton, bandages and plasters to deal with minor incidents properly as well as the ointments for the treatment of burns. The second part should contain the medicines to reduce heat and pains (syrup or pills). Besides this, there must be a section of medicines, syringes ,and sterilized items. Another section is for antibiotics .From my point of view, we all must be careful of using antibiotics and remember to dispose of the expired medicines because they are very dangerous. Finally, in order to rest your mind, you should put your…

Short Essay on Mornings for 2nd Grade

148 words short essay by    Kareem Ghawi Abbas
This essay is telling the pain of getting up early in the morning, particularly for the students; who don't like to get up early because of late night study. Every morning my alarm clock rings at 7 o’clock and I try to ignore it. I do not like mornings! I hide my head under my pillow and I pretend that it isn’t actually morning. I make a long low sound expressing my pain or unhappiness. I complain. I sometimes say bad things about mornings. Some mornings I fall back to sleep for a few minutes! After a short time I notice that I even have to get up. I sigh. I struggle out of bed and I start my day. My lovely mother, who has a higher tolerance ignores me and she usually goes to the kitchen to do washing and cooking. However, I’m still under the pillow groaning and wishing for silence. This morning , I am awakened by a bite from my small cat .This time, getting up is inspired by my mother and the cat.

Essay on Sensitivity For Grade 9 | Sense and Sensitivity

What is sensitivity? The word sensitivity is derived from the English word sensitive which according to the Oxford English Dictionary means quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences. That is, something or someone who is quick in reflexes to changing conditions is sensitive. To define sensitivity much better let’s take an example. Imagine you and your friend take a stroll on the streets and see a beggar begging for alms. You turn a blind eye to him but your friend sympathizes. This kind of difference of opinions between you and your friend is not just because you are two different people; it is precisely because your friend is more sensitive to human suffering than you. This does not imply that you are inhuman or insensitive but probably it takes a little more for you to feel the human pain. The word sensitivity apart from its emotional connotation has a lot of types and forms. You must have heard of terms like case sensitive, culture sensitive or insulin se…

210 Words Short Essay on 'The Positive Parenting '

210 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas "The positive parenting is a practical way to raise and develop good relationships with the children. We always try to find the best ways to raise our children in order to live healthy, happy, and productive lives. Having children will fill our lives with happiness, because they add so much love to our lives. In fact, a good parenting means providing a safe, secure, and lovesome home life for helping your child to learn the rules of life e.g. how to share, respecting others, etc. and to develop good self-esteem. To sum up, in order to be a happier parent, you should spend more time with your children and pay more attention to their needs. It is very unfortunate that the children of present time are being forced to loss themselves for hosting parents demands.They are not given practical education instead they are facing stress of structured, undeciding, jobless and quantitative education. Quality of brain has been shifted into larg…