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Feb 26, 2016

Essay About Scientist For Class 6

416 Words Essay on Scientist

Physics, Chemistry, Math; some people’s worst nightmare and a beautiful world for others. Career paths are life’s biggest choices and one of the most confusing decisions that haunt most children as well as adults.

We begin very early thinking about a career for our children, in fact too early for them to be able to understand the different choices they have as well as what they truly desire in their heart of hearts. Despite the vast Ocean of opportunities, career choices seem to be strangely limited these days owing to the fact that India as a country is completely in love with two specific professions being Doctor and Engineer. In such a situation, children are extremely confused and sometimes tend to lose interest in serious career building and would prefer to just go with the flow. This is a worrying trend because it results in loss of talent to millions of other industries because most of the potential archaeologists and forensic experts would be graduating as software engineers.

The role of a “scientist” in a broader sense for the world today is too great to fathom. Without scientists we would be way back in time when prayers would be told to keep diseases away and the vast sky above would merely be a huge mystery forever. A keen interest in science at a very early age can pave the way for a tremendous career. Love for physics, chemistry and mathematics is not one sees every day and must not be side-lined. The world of science has more than a few fascinating career choices to offer. Microbiologist, Neuroscientist, Astronaut, Oceanographer, Forensic science technician, Radiologist, Meteorologist, Ecologist, Geologist being a few; all of which require extensive study and true passion.

Parents discourage children from taking up science in college because they fear that going forward as a scientist could be extremely challenging and their child could end up being a mere professor or teacher with an average pay check. Besides, the fancy world of Information Technology and the unbelievable pay scales associated with it lure people into giving up their passion and blindly following the crowd. Parents and teachers need to give up their irrational love for the IT industry and guide students to work towards a more serious and fulfilling career. If your child does exceptionally well at science, encourage him/her to pursue a career in the more respectable professions mentioned above so that our country has more people who contribute towards its prosperity and advancement.

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Essay on 'Singing of The Birds'

289 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

It is very great to hear a normal symphony from pretty and small birds every day. The musicians fly , land and tweet with lyrical sounds and melodies . It is divine miracle for whoever wants to see with his/her own eyes the beauty of the Creator, and everyone who wants to hear with his/her own ears.

When I sit on my veranda, I feel so happy and redolent with a sense of satisfaction and sufficiency. I also feel in the case of distraction and I enjoy listening to the strident singing of the birds there. However, I don't live in a village, but in a city centre where the place is special and beautiful, but unprecedented in my eyes. There are many high trees in a small garden on the ground next to my apartment where I live in.

Here, I wake up in the morning before sunrise on the sound of singing of the birds. The sound is more like a daily alarm clock which wakes me up early in each new day.

Every day, and just before sunrise, the birds wake up and start their beautiful and breathtaking singing , but the special feature is that the singing in the morning fascinates me more than the rest of the day. They are distinguished from other types of twittering as I saw and heard myself each time. Hours between dawn and sunrise are the sound of the twittering of the birds shouting and calling that ""Arise, O servants of Allah, Arise, and praise the Almighty Creator."" Allah bestowed us the singing of the birds, but I do not know what would I feel if I move from my current house to another house even if a palace.

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Feb 19, 2016

Essay on "Himalaya Adventurous Journey" For Class 10

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Edmund Hilary, who had first conquered Mt. Everest along with Tenzing Norgay, gave this statement. Mt. Everest is the tallest peak in the Himalayas and in the world. These two brave and adventurous men can be termed as the first ones to have undertaken a Himalayan adventurous journey.

The name Himalaya has been derived by adding a Sanskrit prefix meaning “snow” to a word that means “home”. Therefore, Himalaya means an abode of snow. The Himalayas are a 2500 kilometres long mountain range located in the north of the Indian subcontinent. They are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The Himalayas have geographical, ecological, cultural and spiritual importance for India and its neighbouring nations.

Along with these, the Himalayas are also a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts as there are numerous adventurous journeys that can be undertaken in different parts of the mountain range. An adventurous journey in the Himalayas offers an experience that is one of its kind. The majestic, romantic and remote location of the mountain range offers explored as well as unexplored regions for adventure seekers.

The history of adventurous Himalayan journeys goes back to the British era. Organised trekking to the Himalayas had begun in the later part of the nineteenth century. Sports related activities, hunting expeditions and fishing trips had gained popularity in the Himalayan regions towards the end of the nineteenth century. In the pre independence era of the twentieth century, interest had increased in undertaking adventurous journeys to higher and more remote valleys of the Himalayas. The disputes with neighbouring countries such as Pakistan and China, with whom India shares northern boundaries, had led to some discouragement in journeys taken in the Himalayas. However, today interest has revived again in adventurous journeys to the Himalayas. Gradually, restrictions have been lifted and trekkers can now visit many areas to seek new adventures in the Himalayas.

Special equipment such as shoes, protective clothing, goggles etc. are needed to undertake an adventurous journey in the Himalayas. The journey is done in short parts and people live in tents and rest for the night. There are small villages in and close to the base camp too.

Any journey in the Himalays is bound to be adventurous but it is very risky at the same time. The risk of the journey and the joy of finishing it, both add to the adventure aspect. There are snowstorms, avalanches, strong winds and dangerous edges, all of which make the journey very difficult. There are dangerous glaciers which are very deceptive as the snow underneath the feet is not stable. Stepping on such fresh snow also causes various accidents.

It is always best and very important to have one or two local and experienced Sherpas as guides and helpers. They are people who know the mountains better than anybody else does. If travellers and trekkers follow them and their advice, it is not very difficult to go for an adventurous journey in the Himalayas.

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Essay on Culture of Dialogue For Class 9

347 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

In our daily life, people often go into discussions with the others but they don't come up with solutions because of their intolerance and adherence to the opinions. Here it should take into account that the difference in opinion doesn't invalidate the intimacy.

In fact, some of people may miss the discipline of dialogue especially in dealing with problems. They don't have the culture of respect and the agreement of others' opinions. They feel like they are in a battle and they have to win in the field of dialogue, In other words, they don't treat the issues with a good spirit. On the contrary, people who possess a good spirit and discipline have a good dialogue. They embrace altruism and respect others' opinions with an open mind. They also make their dialogue focus on solutions and participation without imposing their opinions on others. When share our interlocutors in a topic or certain issue, we shouldn't forget that the difference in cultures basically affect our views.

It is not required to give in and give up and shake our heads for any opinion ,but we should listen to others without imposing our points of view on others. In my daily life, I meet many people who cling to their opinions in the debate and try to resound their voices, trying to prove their opinions even though they are wrong until they prove that they are the winners .

It is logical and reasonable to agree and disagree and explain our point of view about what poses not to make our discussions a way to jealousies or hatred. We should know that the aim of the debate and divergence of views is to look for the best solution and not to convince others of what we only believe. If there is a difference in the views, we shouldn't discuss it from one corner , otherwise, how we live up to dialogue and we do not accept the opinion of others. So we have to accept the opinions of others and their ideas even if they do not match us.

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Feb 14, 2016

Essay on Importance of Family For Grade 6

223 Words Essay by : Khushi S. Bhagtani

"Family is the synonym of comfort , trust , happiness & belongings. When I am in school & I have a lot of work , I feel I should be at my home with my family. Family is very important, without my family I would do every work nonchalantly. A person without family feels very lonely, because he doesn't have a mother to love , he doesn't have a father who will tell him to have a ride on his bike & a sibling to play with.

Family is not needed to play or to have a round on a bike, it is needed to love, to care & to pamper. Our family never pushes to failure instead they always pull us to success. They always help us to dreams & to fulfill our dreams.

Without my family I am zero because my family is my hero. When I feel somewhat cold at night I hug my mother very tightly to get warmth from her soft & warm hands. When I forget my compass box I borrow it from my brother. Whenever I see bad dreams I share it with my father.

I am very sure that in my previous life, I would have done something good & secure that I got such a lovely, extraordinarily good, inspiring, care taking & a nice family.

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Feb 12, 2016

Essay on 'Paying Pocket Money' For Kids

220 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Paying children pocket money is a good step to teach them the value of money and help them understand about saving and spending.

As we know, pocket money is often given to children at the age of six or seven, but they are not given money under that age because they are unaware of the value of money.

In fact, there are lots of lessons to learn when they have pocket money. Kids should have to earn pocket money because money gives them a greater sense of responsibility and self-confidence. What's more, parents and caregivers who can simply give their children money are preparing them for the adult world. However, pocket money should be controlled so as not to lead to negative effects later. For example, you could prevent your child to take all the money to school so as not to be a source of ostentation among the friends. You could also work with your child to draw up a budget and decide together how to split up the pocket money. There is nothing wrong if you promise your child to increase his or her pocket money if he/ she gets high marks.

To sum up, I believe that our children should learn from the experience of earning money and find out that nothing in life is for free.

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Feb 10, 2016

Essay on 'Free Time' For Class 4

243 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"Leisure time is the time at which you can relax or do specific activity you enjoy rather than work.

You have to invest your leisure time to do useful things, such as reading, or walking, or playing sports, or doing things that you have put off due to your busy work. You have to know how to manage and divide your time successfully according to what you want. The presence of free time is an ideal opportunity to get rid of the daily restrictions, as it provides the ability to self-development skills to do different hobbies.
How do you take advantage of my free time?

There are a variety of means that could help in taking advantage of the free time. One of the most important health means is to practice different sports; jogging, or hiking, or swimming which help to increase fitness, especially after a long day work. This will protect your body's health. Also it's possible to allocate an hour a day to read before going to sleep. This will help to increase the rate of reading, and provide your culture.

The choice of appropriate leisure time depends on the one's ability to organize the best time, and to know the times that could be allocated to take advantage of free time, so the presence of free time during the day also depends on the coordination between the working time, or study, or any other obligations in appropriate and successful manner.

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Feb 5, 2016

Essay on 'My Birthday Bash' For Class 10

Birthday is a very special day in everyone’s life but very few folks are fortunate enough to receive lots of warm wishes and love from the near and dear ones.

Your birthday is the day for which you wait whole year long and plan several things to make the day amazing. I celebrated my birthday last month and I am still unable to come out of the flashbacks of my happy birthday party. That feeling is completely inexpressible when your cell phone starts ringing crazily every now and then since the clock’s hand touches 12 and people want to surprise you on your special day. I was so gratified and overwhelmed when I received tons of messages and calls. I was so happy to know that people care about my existence and they want to share my happiness. Last month was my 25th birthday and I wanted to make it special enough. I decided to hire a party planner. You cannot arrange everything by yourself, especially when you are a bachelor and live alone due to professional reasons. A party planner can eliminate all of your worries and save you from the mess.

Special décor & arrangement: I was lucky enough to get an understanding and experienced party planner in my vicinity. I wanted to make my birthday bash crazy and memorable enough. I had invited lots of my buddies as well as few cousins. The primary thing to care about was the space which I badly needed to fit my invitees. My party planner saved my day and helped me arranging the household stuff in an organized manner so that the eye-catching décor could be introduced. All I needed to do was paying bucks according to the decided budget. I was just at my home, cleaning the rooms, windows, and furniture and the planner was arranging everything which was on the list. When the planner was done with his purchasing, I was gobsmacked to see the fast and creative services.

The décor and arrangement included:
• A creatively designed chocolate flavored happy birthday cake
• Balloons, candles, snow-spray and party caps
• Standard soft drinks and hard drinks
• Superior quality snacks and beverages
• Scrumptious non-veg buffet
• DJ lights
• Latest music CDs

Unforgettable moments: My birthday arrangement estimate was pretty bearable and I was kind of happy with that. My best pals, cousins, and few colleagues started moving into my apartment with crazy yells. I was emotional when all of them started hugging and kissing me. It will be wrong to say that everything went in a gentlemen way. The next moment, after the kissing, hugging, and wishing was Mission Embarrassment! I was covered with cake and snow and trust me; it was the exact amount of love I was expecting the previous night of my birthday. On public demand, I successfully cut my cake and shared it among the invitees. Then the loud music made the ambience totally insane. Folks were dancing, singing, jumping, rolling over the floor and doing all the possible crazy stuff. I also joined the crazy army and enjoyed the night at its edge. The worst thing about such parties is that when it comes to the end, you worry about the next day or better to say the same boring and irritating day. We wrapped up the party on a happy note. Those moments still moisturize my eyes along with bringing a smile on my face.

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Essay on 'The Culture of Apology' For Grade 6

237 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

The word " Sorry" is of a great respect which addresses the human soul and heals the wounds. I think you agree with me when I say that the strong people can apologize while the poor ones cannot apologize. We believe that the rejection of the apology makes the others pain and it may worsen the relationships in all societies. The apology is considered as a substitute for grudges, hatred and division. This era calls us to work together in order to enhance the principles of the culture of admission to heal the psychological wounds with the phrase ""Never mind"". We need to stand together against all criminals, murderers and renegades. We need to stand against the acts of revenge and fragmentation in order to build successive generations enjoying the civilized world.

In fact, there are those who accept this ""culture"" and those who do not accept it. There are those who seek to be revived for some considerations and values that our societies have known since the ancient times. It is wrong to think that the culture of apology may make some weak and submissive to others.

To conclude, the culture of apology that emanates from the tendency of tolerance cannot be removed by any group in this existence. Otherwise, any behaviour or education which is free from the culture of apology among people can be applied in savage societies of "The strong eat the weak".

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