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Sep 29, 2013

Composition on My Father Essay for Class or Grade 7

'My father the hero' is one abstract which usually a son ambitiously feel and try to carry forward the legendary achievements of his father. I tremendously want to live with the 'dream of my father'. My father is a role model for me. It is not because of my relationship. But it is because of his quality, performance and achievements for which he will be a traditional landmarks for his vision , mission and realisation in our future descendant.
About My Father and his Achievement:  My father is an electrical engineer. He graduated from BB College Asansol. After completing Diploma in Electrical Engineering, he did AMIE in Electrical engineering. In his starting carrier he became successful to acquire three government services. During service period he learned AutoCad, Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript and other computer applications programme. He has written in many reputed journals. Except these qualities he is an ideal father in caring family members. He not only proved his excellence , but also paved supporting paths for his brothers and sister. He believes that it is the duty of every family member to support each other so that everyone could be able to retrieve  his crawling life from painful shadow to a happy platform. He believes in working hard and teaches us the benefit of  doing thing with passion for bigger result.

My Father's Style of living: Since 2002 I have never seen my father struggling for managing life activities. It is because he has turned his maximum  routine work of life  into electronic form.  For example he use internet banking for money transfer, Demand Draft making, Mobile ant internet recharging since very beginning of the internet banking service. He manage his document so smartly that any things can be find at fingertips. Paper documents take much time search physically. He maintains a database in MS Access to search any thing in the house. One day washing machine documents were needed after five years. My father told us the location of invoice and we found it within two minutes. He uploaded soft copies of all important documents on the internet. Thus he is saving bank locker service charges. Electronic service is so efficient that he retrieves his any document on his smart mobile of  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 anytime and anywhere. He provided me online smart classes on Meritnation. I am very comfortable with online tution, because it saves very much time and it is tremendously flexible for my time slot.   

Responsibility and family caring: My father take care of all family members and our grand parents with all possible means. My grandmother tell the past story of my father's lifestyle and praise very much. She tells us that she is very much proud of her son. She also narrate that my son knew the financial capacity and family situation of ours and took responsibility to do something better so that we all could prosper in future. The most important thing is that he has succeeded in his vision and brought us to a very respectable position.

Conclusion: I think father is the leadership thinker and performer for the welfare of his family. He is one who chart out the path of success for his son or daughter. His prime objective is to breed the leadership quality in his wards to get on the responsibilities at premature stage. And everybody knows that these qualities comes from hard work to succeed and to achieve more in one's life.
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Sep 25, 2013

How to Manage Passwords | Password Manager

Now a days many webmasters are using 'password manager' like Keepass or other services like this. I think it has become much baffling to manage huge numbers of passwords in today's digital life. It is a high concern for one who has adopted electronic system completely and don't like paper records.
Go to various section:
1st method of managing password
2nd method of managing password
Important tips

 I am illustrating an example of a person who is an employee of a public sector company. He has to do material procurement on SAP system and it needs password to enter into his account. Similarly he has to watch his email account daily on the company's website. He has to also watch the SRM account for checking the vendor response status and material tender cost data sheet submitted by vendors. So in this way his company password profile is also there to see his employee information like salary, mobile bill, provident fund , pension etc. One day by sparing a little time he went to draw money from ATM. Again he has to remember the ATM pin. He came back home and watched his personal email. In this way he has to maintain huge numbers of passwords. He thought that in a day he is suffering of more than a paragraph typing for passwords with complex combination of letters, numbers and special characters. 

These are the name of accounts he has to maintain personally like email, online banking, life insurance account, income tax efiling account, mutual fund account, vehicle insurance account, electricity bill e-pay account, demat account and many more.

The main question is that how to remember these passwords. I am giving very  simple methods of tackling the problems.

Today's students have to be ready to cop this problem in his life, because everything is going to be digital.

1st method : Suppose you have many names e.g.JATAKA, JAMANA, CHURCH, ANDREW, MANDIR, JAMEEN, JINDAGI etc, that is on your tongue, but this must not be your personal words or texts. Also just remember three or four numbers e.g. 4368,5389,1085. It is assumed that these are the four digit numbers that you remembered. These may also be the numbers you are very much acquainted with but this must not be your personal numbers. After that choose two special characters. Now I am writing examples of the passwords.


These are the simple passwords with simple names, but is very hard to guess the combination. The main important point about this is that it is very easy to remember and its combination makes it extremely  hard to guess. It is because according to mathematics combinations are infinity. Other advantage is that it can be changed easily because user can type it quickly by manipulating special characters only.
2nd Method:  I have also used this method. It is very simple but most secure method. Maintain a diary and an excel sheet. Suppose you have 100 passwords. Write it on different pages of the diary.
Make an excel datasheet and write the only name of the websites and page location. e.g. suppose if you are using a city bank password. Then write CITY BANK on the excel sheet and its location i.e. 23rd August. This is done to find the password location in the diary by searching in the excel sheet with ctrl+F shortcut key. If it is not done then it will be very cumbersome to locate the password in the diary.

** Important Tips:One very important tip I would like to share. Whatever password method be used, it is most important to use all available security parameters available on a website. It is important to have the full control and information about sensitive digital data with the help of mobile. Activate mobile security in all accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox etc. Use trusted friends in Facebook to retrieve password from friend in worse scenario. Periodically watch security section of Facebook because social media to be kept tightly secured. 
Take an example of Google. The security system of is extremely admirable. Many of us do not use all the security system of Google. There is 2-step verification system in which the user receives numeric code on his registered mobile before login. Whenever a user login in his account on other computer, he must enter the 2-step verification code. It can be remembered for 30 days on a device. For retrieving password, backup mobile number, emails and backup printed code can be used. How to use 2-step verification watch this movie. 

Friends ask your problem about password managing. You can also share your password managing style to strengthen internet society.
Give your feedback so that I could serve by writing more great password managing system.
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Sep 22, 2013

How to Write First Information Report (FIR) | General Diary to Police Station Application For SIM Reactivation

'How to write first information report' (FIR). It is a high mental burden for a common man in India or may be in other countries also. This letter can be used as an FIR or as General Diary( GD) sample application or letter. This letter is written to report a police station as a general diary. 

GD  is done for self safety and to  receive a document so that the event happened may not drag the reporter or owner in problem in future. It is because sometime fraud person or cheater uses false identity to throw an innocent person into any legal problem

The sample application is given at the end. Before reading the application, it is very compulsory to know the event about which this letter is being written to. It is because event detail is necessary to write the FIR or GD.
 This is a real event happened with a simple girl when a cheater duped the girl and cheated her by transferring Rs 30 by hacking and telling that he is speaking from customer care center of a mobile company.For just an example, below is the process of transferring the mobile balance from one mobile to another and it is available publicly on vodafone site .
The donor needs to dial *131*15*Receiver's mobile number#
e.g *131*15*9820012345#
I am not disclosing the name of the company as it will be an unfair naming and defaming  the company because the cheater didn't belong to that company. He used this only to dupe a girl for recharging his SIM.
The conversation is given below: The cheater called (from his mobile number "C") on mobile number "D" and said like this.
 I want to send back the money. Your last few calls charges has been done by mistake and company wants to pay back those money on your phone. But I am unable to send money to your mobile number(D). It looks like there is no balance in your mobile. Please  recharge your mobile. Please tell the recharged amount also. Then he instructed the code as highlighted in yellow color above. 
e.g. *131*15*C#
Thus he  get transferred the money on mobile C from mobile D.

 These type of boys or men actually don't know the legal implication if it happen on them. Also this type of foolish girl are also who don't know the normal security rule.

Now here is the sample GD letter.
Date: September 13, 2013
 the officer Incharge,
XXXX Police Station,
XXXX(Name of City)

Sub: General Complain against a mobile user 

Respectfully  I want to notify you that one mobile user has cheated me by presenting himself as customer care officer. He duped me by instructing the mobile transferring code; which I am unaware of and transferred my mobile( XXXXXX) balance of Rs 30 on his mobile (XXXXXXX) on 13-09-2013. He also deactivated my mobile on 14-09-2013. 

I , therefore, request you to kindly note this event and enquire about the cheater so that he can not dupe any other person in future and I could  get activated my mobile number at the earliest. 
Thanking you,

Yours faitfully,
Mobile No: XXXXX
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Sep 18, 2013

Joint Family Essay for Class or Std UKG (kids)

By Akbar Ali: (274 Words):

For kids click here

:Joint family system is the joint custody of preserving the need, requirement,  values of all members with common interest. Here all the members are required to follow the set guidelines of the family head. Bigger activities carried out with joint operation and the achievements always comes in high magnitude. There are many examples of joint Hindu family business that set exemplary landmark in history.  The head of the family has maximum liability and power. Generally he is the oldest member of the family. Every member has great respect and owner towards the head of the family. It is the main secret for the success of the joint family.
In a joint family there is big advantage of power of unity. There is less fear from pugnacious people. In a society these type of people are bigger headache for the safety of the family. Troubles  are shared by all the members therefore stresses seem to be very small. But the bigger disadvantage of a joint family is that no one can live with his own rules and style. He has to compromise always with common available facilities, resources, eating habits, entertainment limitations etc. Sometime few inferior member faces bigger problems and that usually remains unsolved as it is not brought forward to the head of the family. The biggest problem of the joint family is that few members feel discriminated  and believe that they are less prioritised member and they feel ignored by the head of the family. In history it is one of the biggest cause of failure of joint family system. Also it become the sole issue of birth of nuclear family concept. 

This essay is to be made point-wise for kids and also sentences are to by simplified. Few of them has been done for you.
  • There is one head of the joint family.
  • He is the oldest member of the family.
  • Head of the family has maximum liability.
  • Every member feels stress free and follow the guidelines only.
  • Also he has superior power in the family.
  • All members follow the order of the head.
  • There are beg advantage of joint family.
  • Every member has big respect for head.
  • Joint family has power of unity.
  • There is less fear from the pugnacious neighbors.
  • All members share pain of each other.
  • In this way many points can be created with the help from the above paragraph.
write your problem by commenting below if you have any problem
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Sep 14, 2013


By Saleha : (160 words, Suitable for class 4): Till now you have read many essays on 'my ambition in life to become a doctor
This essay written by  Sleha is very much innovative and unique.
 So read it. Hands up for Saleha.
Everyone have a dream in his/her life.
Everyone have one aim in life.
AIM mean a one dream which he/she wants to do .
AIM is the name of to prove yourself .
AIM is only one in our life.
AIM is of many types like dreams everyone wants to prove his/her self.

"prove yourself as you want."
"Love your dreams to make yours AIM successful"

Everyone have AIM in life.
But my AIM in life is make my country well-standard.
I love my country.
I want to make my country one of the best country in the word in the field of ARICULTURE.
PAKISTAN is one of the best AGRICULTURAL country but due to some crises our country cannot make progress. But I want to make my country agricultural
so I decided that I make some CHEMICALS which can make one country AGRICULTURALLY developed, prosperous and beautiful.

This is my AIM in my life. 
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Sep 13, 2013

Importance of Health and Medicine In Our Life Essay

Importance of health and medicine has enhanced the life expectancy of human beings. For last hundred years' medicinal processes and medical equipment are proved to be the boon to human health for diagnosing properly and for applying proper medicines to the patient.

The medicine word is derived from the Latin word ' ars medicina', meaning 'the art of healing'. Egyptian had advanced medicine systems at their time. Egyptians and Babylonians introduced the method of diagnosis and medical examination. Greece added further advancement in medical surgery system. Thus the history of medicine is a bigger subject. However I want to clear one thing that real advancement in medical science started from the midst of 20th century. In this period of time computerized instruments dragged the medical diagnosis at the peak level for simplified case study of diseases . The energy thrown in research of medical science is proving that human effort has adopted medicine subject as one of the most important subject for ensuring our health free from diseases.

Research is always driven by business opportunities. So we can say that many business groups somehow noticed and found the depth and width of marketability and expending capacities of human beings for securing their health. Thus ultimately the large market in health sector opened the opportunities for business. Thus it became a win win business model for customers as well as sellers.

Medicine has opened a reliable methods of curing and protecting human lives. It showed the various ways of diagnosing the diseases of human beings. X-ray technology in the midst of twentieth century provided new technique of diagnosis. It ignited the human mind to do more research to find other sophisticated technology for adding value in medical science. Due to consistent effort of doctors and scientists now we have latest medical equipment like ECG machine, EEG, City Scan machine, High quality medicine packaging machines, Computerised blood testing machine, digital diabetic testing machine, digital blood pressure testing machine and many more.

But the most usable equipment in today's time is smart mobile. I am telling one small event. One day I went to a doctor for my son's health problem. I talked with doctor about lasts medicine used and diagnosis undergone. I only could tell the name of the medicine. Then doctor told me do you know the composition of that medicine, because there are many brand names for one type of composition. Then I told no doctor I couldn't. Then suddenly an idea came in my mind. I opened my mobile and googled for the medicine and found the composition. Doctor appraised me and told really you have shown that smart phone is doing wonder for all of us. Then doctor recommended a medicine. I googled and got all pros and cones of that medicine instantly in front of the doctor and told that isn't it give any side effect. Doctor replied my all queries and advised me correctly.

Keywords: public health medicine, health and medicine majors, health and medicines, alternative therapies in health and medicine, natural health medicine.
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Sep 9, 2013

Hotel Bill Reimbursement Letter (Official Letter)

Official Letter Template for Hotel bill reimbursement is needed frequently. This letter was written for getting reimbursement of $20.00 from the Finance department of an organisation.

If it is a general letter of asking reimbursement through the official chain, then it is not needed to write address and any salutation. It can be started directly with the subject matter.
The sample letter is given below.

                                              Sub: Reimbursement

The following miscellaneous expenses were incurred by the undersigned.

Type of expenditure: Lunch for officials
Amount: $20.00

Approval may kindly be accorded for reimbursement of the sum of $20.00 to the undersigned under clause XXXL034.


                        Sr. Manager
                     XXXXXXXX (Name of The department and  Organisation)
Enclosures: Bill of the Hotel etc.

Designation and Department name ( of Head of the Department ) ____________________.

Designation Finance Department ( of Authority of Finance Department ) ____________________.

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Sep 7, 2013

A House On Fire Essay For Class 6 (281 words)

By Azra Ahmad demanded by :281 words: It was very terrifying experience of seeing a 'house fire'. Few years ago there were more numbers of huts in villages. The villagers used to cook food with wooden type fuels. At those times caught fire in houses was very common. The villagers were used to extinguish the fire also. For controlling and extinguishing the fire the villagers had their own plan of uniting all and acting in common at these types of incidents. I was five years old when I saw a house on fire. The house was besides my house. My house luckily was of concrete. From my birth I was unaware of huge flames and blaze. I heard sound of fire (like bhooooo!!!); which was completely horrible. A man started shouting after seeing the blaze of the event. In a few minutes many men were running with tremendous pace and bringing water from the nearby well and hand pipe. The ladies were operating many hand-pumps. They attacked the fire. It was very much frightening scene for a child likes me. About 60% of the villagers were doing their best to put out or to reduce the flame as much as possible. One thing I noticed that there is much force and power in unity. The house fire was controlled very quickly. The best thing was that the fire was controlled such that other nearby houses remained safe. The enthusiasm and self actuating power of all were the exemplary attitude and dedication for today's people who wait for other to act.   The scene was so frightful that it was not wiping out from my mind. The house got destroyed. 
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Sep 5, 2013

Adventures On a Magic Carpet Essay for Class 4

By Anusa: (600 words): Carpet is a covering used to cover the floor etc. Adventure on magic carpet is a renowned subject in context of Disney magic carpet story or Aladdin's magic carpet story. I watched Aladdin Magic carpet cartoon yesterday. I liked it much, but I didn't expect that it will carry in my mind such that it will make an entry into my dream. 

Last night I went to bed at 10 o'clock. At the time of sleeping I was thinking of Aladdin and his magic. I was looking into the sky. The stars were twinkling. I was thinking about this cartoon's story. I don't know when I fell into sleep. Later I understood that I was dreaming after that. Now I am narrating the dream. It was a sandy place alongside of a sea with some varieties of small and big plants. The coconut trees were adding more beauty to the place. It is the place; where I was standing in the dream. After a while I was walking away from the seashore. Suddenly I saw a white colored big palace. The palace was shining and catching the glimpse of everyone. I moved close to it and entered inside it. I looked here and there, but there was no one inside the palace. I saw that there were many things, but my eye stopped on a bright light coming from a corner. I moved slowly and slowly and saw a beautiful carpet. The carpet was of blue color. I tried to pick it, but it moved away from me. Again I tried, but again it moved away. Third time I succeeded and got it.
I opened the carpet, but suddenly it started to fly taking me on it. I started to cry because it came out of the palace and was flying high in the sky. After a while I was feeling adventures with the speed of the carpet and was enjoying the beautiful scene of the sky. When I saw downside then I surprised completely because I was flying at an unexpected height. The cities were looking small. Now fear of height and coming down method was striking in my mind. When I looked at my left side then I found four buttons of four colors. Then my fear turned into querying mind. I leaned down and I pressed one of them and noticed that the carpet was coming down. Again I pressed another button and noticed that the carpet was going up. I tried other two buttons and found that the carpet was behaving like a friend. Now real adventure of flying carpet is fulfilling my lifetime dream. I increased the speed of the magic carpet to cross over a sea. Within few minute I crossed the sea and come near the ground. I saw a poor boy walking on the way. I felt very sad and I felt angry on the rich people. I snatched big money from a Business man and flew away. Within a minute I went to the poor boy and gave all the money. I was very happy by helping the boy. The boy was  shaking hands with a smile I was also shaking my hand. Suddenly my mother slapped me and was telling angrily that at sleeping condition you are beating me again and again. Get up and be prepared for the school. I was stubbed because I was out of a beautiful dream. I told my mummy that If she could wait a little then I could see the happiest moment of the dream. My mother was laughing at me.

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Sep 3, 2013

15 Lines (Points) Essay On Health is Wealth For Kids

268 words)

This 10 Lines Health is Wealth essay for kids can be used as 'Health tips' because each line is meant for  'Health tip of the day'.

  • Health is the most important part of our life.
  • Our happiness depends mostly on our health conditions.
  • I always reminds the poem 'Early to bed and early to rise'.
  • Late night sleeping reduces memory power.
  • I think body fitness is the simple secret of healthy life.
  • Overweight means 60% chances of acquiring diseases.
  • Health starts from our eating habits and food quality.
  • We should believe in the formula that 'my food is my medicine'.
  • Unnecessary eating is injurious to our fitness.
  • As children have less taste of vegetables therefore they should be taught about benefits of vegetables.
  • Bad addiction is the first danger to damage our health.
  • Tobacco, wine and gambling to be remembered as top three killers.
  • We must play daily.
  • Daily 3 to 4 km brisk walking can keep us fit and healthy.
  • We must do free hand exercise after every two hours reading.
  • This keeps our mind fresh.
  • Wealth loss can be recovered but not the health.
  • It is better than wealth and anything else for everybody.
  • For keeping us healthy we follow standard healthy eating.
  • We must be careful towards our health.
  • We must not remain hang up for false study for showing to our parents
  • We must brush daily at night to keep our mouth fresh and clean.
  • We should use 'Dental Flosh' after eating non-veg.
  • We should also avoid continuous reading.
  • We should play any game daily with friends to get physical exercise.
  • To be healthy we must follow intake of natural substances.
  • We should be careful towards our Body Mass Index and try to have balanced body weight. Overweight is responsible for about 60% of diseases.
  • Diabetes , Cholesterol and Blood Pressure are the diseases caused by bad life style. So must follow good lifestyle to avoid these three life killer diseases.  
  • We must not destroy our health by running madly behind wealth.
Add your point about 'health is wealth' if you have. Give your feedback by commenting below. Did you like this.If not why? Please support us to serve you better.
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Sep 1, 2013

'My Garden Essay' For Class 4 455 Words

By Azra Ahmad: (455 words): Before Starting garden essay let us first look few top 'garden design' of the world to get a pleasant feelings and to get an idea of 'gardening' -- French Garden, Mughal Garden of Taj Mahal, Royal Botanic Gardens.
Garden means 'A piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables.' Synonyms of garden are  park - yard - pleasure ground. Garden captivate us with its beauty. The most beautiful characteristics of the garden is the green color's sensations . The green color conduces feeling of happiness whenever we see a garden. Bright gestures are disposed on our face . God has granted the most beautiful green color to us which is the widespread ornament of a garden. 

Garden is very much advantageous for healthy living. It gives good looks ; that keeps us feel good even when our mind is upset. It gives us fresh oxygen with the help of green plants. It repute our house and introduce personal touch to the guest and relatives. It generates our physical involvement and thus keeps us healthy , therefore we need not do extra exercise to burn out our calories.

The garden can be made good looking and charming with flowers, vegetables, guava tree, palm tree, lemon tree, papaya  and fruits. Flowers alone can not provide real beauty to the garden. Medium size tree planted with certain layout can make a beautiful garden. 

I am fond of gardening. I have sufficient space in front of my house.  I have planted two palm tree near the two gate pillars. The path from the garden gate upto house door is paved with cementing work. The two sides of the path have flowers and medium size tree ; which give real beauty and shade in the sunlight. I planted low height shrubs along the two sides of the entrance path. Besides shrubs and flowers, I also have guava tree, medium height mango tree, lemon tree and custard tree. These tree gives us few fresh fruits/vegetables. 
For gardening few gardening accessories are needed. They are towel, shovel, hoe, pruners, wheelbarrow and water hose. 
One thing to be remember that if anybody really wants to have a nice garden then it is to be remembered that the plants need food and water to grow . But we always forget it. 
Gardening is todays most demanded need to mitigate the  global warming and to stop the natural calamities. Recently the cloudburst , flashflood and landslide of Utterakhand (India) has given the sign of natural unbalance for which we are responsible. Therefore it is our utmost duty to be a cause of adding balance to nature by planting more greenery  and support a little help to combat natural calamities. 
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