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Oct 30, 2015

283 Words Essay By: Kareem Ghawi Abbas

I have such strong passions for toys that I feel like kids who never grew up. I delight in being surrounded by toys and by introducing them to others. I find great delight in sharing my passion with others and inspiring a love of play in children.

Of course, if I own a toy shop, I may work as a teacher and have more fun way. As the owner of toy shop, I have to choose the games that develop children's mind in the first place . In addition , I advise parents not to be led to the wishes of their children themselves. In fact, I should schedule time with each customer to know how the toy works and how much it costs.

While money isn’t everything, making a profit is essential in order to stay in business. But more than the money, it's my passion for toys and want of improving the minds of youngsters . Nowadays, toy shops can provide good incomes , especially with steady sales. So I think it will be OK to compete with the biggest chain shops, I have a philosophy of how to attract my customers. Definitely, my customers expect not only all kinds of toys that can't find anywhere else, but also the quality products and good selection. In conclusion, as the owner of a toy shop, I can become an important part of my community, selling toys to people who value my knowledge and expert advice.

"My life is not totally alright" she said I kept my convincing palm on her hand and said "It will all get better in the end"

Mia was going through a tough time, life had washed her out like a sea shell on the shore. Life had been unfair on her but she had caught the rope of life because she was not ready to let go. She believed that life might be hard but God had better plans for her, and she held on to it with patience and determination and it paved way for making her life a bliss. So that is all about it. All will be well when it ends well, all you have to just hold on to it. "It is of faith that we are tested for, so make your faith a living one" We are such humans as dreams are made on, and our little life, is that which is made round with a sleep.

There is nothing that is either good or bad, but our own thinking makes it so. “I suspect that the rising stars are fire
I doubt that the sun moves
I suspect truth to be a liar
But never doubt when I love”

William Shakespeare is on of the renowned writer, a great poet and a stage wrighter. His Romeo and Juliet taught us that love is bitter worth tasting for. His poems on life makes one contemplate. Life is not a bed of roses but an equal balance of happiness and sorrow. All will be okay when it will end okay, so stay
Stay until the sun shines
Stay until the rainbow abides
Stay until your dreams come true

We may face a lot of difficulties, a lot of dark moments, a lot of paranoia but we should have faith in our self that everything will get better in the end. Life is not like a leaf which sheds from its branch after a heavy stoke of wind but a tree who would stay on, no matter what.

A semi colon (;) indicates that the author would have ended the sentence, but he chose not to. So in the same manner, think of a semi colon when you think that you want a full stop in your life. Be a semi colon, choose not to end when you could have ended because all will get better in the end. Therefore I would conclude by saying that All will be well when it will end well, so wait, to see the big picture of life, of the sunset, of the ending.

“Love is worth waiting for,
Life is worth living for,
It is adamant to make it till the end,
And enjoy the fruit of a living”
All’ s well that ends well, finishing the race is worth to run till the end because its not about the prize but about how we run the race. Life is known to be a climb, but if you view closer the view is great.

Oct 23, 2015

278 Words Essay By: Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Last year I went on holiday with my friend, Sami. We went to a fantastic island in Basra. There are few island resort in Basra , but it is not like that world famous resort like bandos island resort, veligandu island resort , medhufushi island resort , biyadhoo island resort , filitheyo island resort , eriyadu island resort , etc. But we have no budget to go to these famous places . Therefore we decided to go to Basra. It is a local paradise island resort for us.

When we arrived , the weather was wonderful and the river around the island was calm. On the second day of the holiday, we decided to go deep the river fishing. First, we got up early, next we had a delicious breakfast and finally we went to the port, we hired a boat with a lifeguard and set off. After a half an hour, the lifeguard suggested we go back as the weather was changing, but Sami wanted to carry on.

Three hours later, we were still fishing without success. By the time, the river was very rough and Sami was beginning to feel sick. Then suddenly Sami felt a fish on his side. As he was pulling the fish on board, a huge wave hit the side of the boat and Sami fell into the water. After a few minutes, we managed to get him back into the boat and went back the island as quickly as possible. Sami was very cold when we arrived. Later, while he was taking off his wet clothes, a fish fell out of his T. shirt pocket. In the end, we laughed a lot.

200 words By: Kareem Ghawi Abbas

One day when I was in about 5th grade I wasn't feeling very well, but my mom told me I'd be fine so she sent me to school anyway. A few hours into the classroom, I started to have a stomach ache, but I figured that it would pass after a while, so I didn't tell my teacher. Well, the stomach ache never went away, so I got up to tell my teacher, but as soon as I started talking I threw up all over my teacher's shoes, and the entire class saw. I didn't go back to school for about a week after that.

The situation has been repeated about a year ago with my young son, when he was in the second grade, where he vomited in the classroom. But this time, he was sent to the hospital by a close teacher. At the hospital he was given some treatment to stop vomiting. After a whole check –up , I was called by a doctor to attend the hospital .There, he asked me to make my son to have a good diet and do some exercise every day.

Oct 18, 2015

113 Words By Kareem Ghawi Abbas
This essay is very much helpful for kids. Actually students of lower classes demand this type of essay.

Last summer, I went to Beirut on holiday with my brother. We spent a week there. We stayed in a beach apartment with seafront balcony and Wi-Fi. During the holiday, we did different things there. For example, we went swimming, windsurfing and diving. We met many tourists of different nationalities on the beach. In the evening, the weather was nice for having a walk in the public parks and eating outside. On the last two days of the holiday, we went sightseeing and visited many historical places there. We took a lot of photos and bought great souvenirs for our friends. All in all, it was a wonderful holiday that I have had.

Oct 16, 2015

“Let us heal the world to make it a better place. Let us heal it for you and for me and the entire human races. There are people dying in this paradise but if we care enough for the living, it will be a better place for you and for me.”-

World peace day is observed on 21st September every year. ‘Peace’, a word which is in dire need, which is of utmost important.

In my opinion harmony can be maintained in this world when the ‘black moss’ i.e. agony, wrath, jealousy, ego will be forgotten. We have experienced world wars, a history unforgettable, numerous lives lost, making each and every person facing the war a nightmare to his life.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is doing their part to make peace with other countries by making an initiative to make peace all around the world by introducing a program called ‘Peace Corps’ where the volunteering persons undergo training and then work abroad and help in social and economic development and help people understand the culture of other countries.

Love and hatred co-exist but tranquillity can be achieved in the seclusion of times. “Peace is not simply a word but rationality and uprightness of every citizen.”

“Reconcile amorously with love and create an understanding between our hearts. And resolve us of our broken affairs. And guide us towards the solemn peace and paths of guidance and kindness. And take us out of the darkness of falsehood, agony, ignorance, evil to the brightness of truth and guidance. Peace can be attained, provided, we want it, we yearn for it.

On being asked by a young girl what peace meant to her, she said “Peace is when my dad will come back home from war”
For a mother peace is when she makes a house home.
For a girl it is when she has freedom.

Take Nature as the best example for peace or a monk in the Himalayas who knows the key to attain peace, to acquire a peaceful mind. “In the deepest ocean I see peace
In the night I see
In the quiet moments I see peace
In the baby’s smile I see
In an animal I see peace
In love I see”.

“It is said that it is hard to fill a cup which is already full in its hurdles and in the gruesome worldly affairs”, but a clear and peaceful mind will make a successful person, so open your mind.

“Be in a good pace by overhanging your attitude not your altitude”, and you will find a better person of yourself. Be a better person than yesterday, you never know what change may bring to you. So be considerate about it, be peaceful about it. The main motive in life is not of leading a life of hustle and bustle but of being tranquil, of being serene, calm and majestic.

Prayer for Peace:
Peace I leave in with you- “I bestow the faith with you.
My peace I give it to you- “I ascertain my purity to you.
Regards not my sins but it is the faith of your love- “I do sin but the faith of your forgiveness keeps me alive.

Oct 9, 2015

573 Words Essay or this title- How Much Girls Education is Important

Girl's education is one of the most indispensable parameter for preserving and enriching our cultural and civilised inherited values. Girls are the foundation bricks to construct the house of civilised society and also Girls are more responsible for cultivating high values in the society. A girl turning to mother is the first and the most important teacher to inject the sense of wrong and right into the raw and clean mind of a child. Therefore an educated mother can only be produced if we dreamed for an educated girl in our past course of social process. First lesson of life is the most important that decides the way a grown up child will deal with the society in future. An educated mother can only deliver this goodness if she would has been borough up in right way from her childhood.

Girls are sharing and caring our values with fifty percent approximately, but it is very unfortunate that a more percentages of girls are not getting proper education particularly in developing countries. They had been facing discrimination for long time. They have been deprived from their basic human rights. This is dragging the girls education status behind. Educating the girls is the one of the most steps to empower them about which we have been talking about in world conferences.

It is a painful feeling that India has lowest female literacy rate in Asia (Report -1998). Illiterate women have higher mortality rates and high fertility rate. It has been noticed that an uneducated woman has negative impact on health of her children. Article 45 (Directive Principles of State policy) of the Indian constitution has provision of compulsory education until age of fourteen years. A national policy also has been implemented to bring basic change in woman's life. It has been very unfortunate the people of our country are binding girls for nominal certification for the success of girl's marriage. They are not considering the girl's education as a foundation of her earning helper in bad time in her future. Miseries of girl's future has been noticed higher after her marriage. The dependency of girls upon boys turning them weak in their married life. These are not the problem of India, but a basic problems in Asian countries.

I recommend girls to learn to earn. And use their mind and education to strengthen themselves. Be leader not a follower of husband. This doesn't mean to fight with husband but to work in synergy with husband to achieve better life for their children so that the girls of their next generation be more dynamic and empowered. This is a big fact and a very positive note that Indian girls are proving themselves better than boys in the Matriculation and plus two results.

Girls are basically second in the world. It is not me but the data of professionalism and working field are reflecting. Few countries are exception. One change the whole world need is that their should be a compatible professional education for the girls. The common field is open to all but their should be few specific field for medium type of girls who want to stand mentally and economically in her life.

I wish a modern empowered girl in our society as besides mother's role there are various roles of girls those are accountable for turning our life into heavenly life. Whole world communities should work in synergy to provide better education, health care , self-esteemed life to a girl.

Ann Mayer May 30, 1975 (age 40)

Oct 6, 2015

272 Words Essay By Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Cigarettes are very much harmful and injurious to the health of chain smokers and passive smokers. They cause a number of health problems such as lung cancer and heart attacks.

In fact, cigarette adverts have a direct effect on children and young people, who see them on TV and posters. These adverts are shown in such a way to give a promotional message for smoking. For example, they show the successful, attractive, popular people while smoking. Besides, they don't mention the dangers of smoking at all. Therefore, smoking is very common among young people, who are easily influenced by cigarette adverts. The young people have less perception of effects of smoking. These people are also unaware of facts about smoking cigarettes.

To solve this problem, cigarette advertising should be prevented from appearing to reduce the number of smokers. The business related to cigarette is against the welfare of human health. Therefore it is to be taxed with larger percentage.

The heart specialist hospital advising not to smoke as smoking is one cause of heart disease out of other many causes. Hospitals are telling that if anybody is reaching at 60th birthday, he must undergo heart check up. About 80 percent lung cancer cases are because of smoking. It is the general data. Cigarette causes irritation to lungs and also causes overproduction of mucus in lungs. This causes cough problem in smoker's lungs. Depth of breadth reduces. This leads other problems in the body. Therefore I recommend not to destroy your health by smoking. Be addict of God gifted eatables not be addict of manmade injurious poisons.

Oct 2, 2015

A Great Story by Mrityunjay Chaubey

Only a successful person knows how many obstacles lying in his/her way to success, he had to clear to accomplish his/her ultimate mission. Many would argue that success is an everlasting journey however, everyone of us would agree that turning the biggest dream into a reality is no less than success since it brings smile on face and happiness in life. All successful people across the globe share certain similarities. They are hard working people and self-disciplined. They do not have faith in fortune but they strongly believe in toil. Every accomplished person has to go through an acid test in his life. At the end when he achieves things, it becomes history for the coming generations.

We are about to go through the life of Yogita Thakur, a small town girl of Bihar whose ultimate dream was to become an IAS officer. She developed her passion to possess the highest administrative post of the country during her childhood. Her father Dipendra Thakur who had never been to school, obtained his livelihood by pulling a cycle-rickshaw and could earn some Rs. 80 a day. Ergo it was hard for him to meet family expenses. Mother Alka Thakur who could manage to read a couple of Hindi words, was the Home Minister of the family. She had two younger brothers namely Ratnesh Thakur and Ankur Thakur who would love to play Gilli-Danda, a popular outdoor game of Bihar, and hate to spend long tedious hours in school. As she grew older with her strong dream, she gradually realized how tough it was to acquire something, particularly for those who were economically weak.

Being a girl of an undeveloped village, it was never easy for her to lead the life of her choice. Mother wanted her to discontinue her education soon after she finished high school. Mother, however, had a longing to educate only her two sons since she believed daughter would no longer stay with her; daughter was not an aeonian member. For mother, spending money on a daughter was biting off more than her family could chew. Nevertheless she enjoyed the support of her father who had promised her to even do overtime work to meet expenses of her education. In dire straits, at the age of 21 she finally completed her graduation which was needed to pursue the dream of becoming an administrative officer.

Yogita was probably the only graduate girl in the village as well as the only unmarried girl at this age. People now embarked on flocking with marriage proposals to her home. Mother along with other relatives began to heap up pressures on her to get married. Nothing was going accordingly. She wanted to continue her further preparations for the UPSC examination. This could not be done in the village since there was no access to electricity; what was even worst was that there was just a single book stall in the entire town and that too did not have books on the shelves required for the preparation. In this deep darkness her farther was the only ray of hope who could keep the flame burning. She plucked up some courage and went up to poor father to ask him to send her Delhi for a better and supportable environment. yogita wanted to prepare for the UPSC exam as she knew she could not survive the highly competitive world in the village. Surprisingly her father agreed at once and promised to provide her with all basic requirements. She surely broke the back of the beast by overcoming these hurdles. But this had not to be done easily. Father was too poor to offer monetary assistance to his daughter he, therefore, sold a considerable chunk of his ancestral land and gave her a sum of 25 thousands to live her life.

She moved to Delhi thereafter. Because the budget was very minuscule in amount, she had to live in a small rented room in Rajendra Nagar of Delhi, with a partner, Bhavana Gaekwad, who hailed from Madhya Pradesh. Concordantly it was not a small deal for her to take a class. In lieu of taking a class she focused on self-preparation. Having a bee in her bonnet, she constantly buckled down and did some serious work. Sometimes her monetary condition prevented her from even having meals twice a day but it couldn’t hold her back from doing hard work. She dedicated herself for her ultimate goal during the preparation. Eventually the most awaited day approached to her when she was scheduled to go through the acid test.

Despite blood, sweat and tears all the way, she failed in her exam on the first attempt. The news buzzed the ears of father Dipendra. He failed to brook the news of her failure; as a consequence he became mentally challenged and family income broke down. Villagers and relatives held her responsible for all these misfortunes and exiled her from the village. By now she ran out of money because all money she had received from her father was spent. Luckily for her, she had amassed heaps of knowledge during preparation. She found a teaching job in a nearby coaching class which helped her to carry on the preparation. She left no stone unturned during the next year preparation. When she appeared for the examination once again, the sapient girl came out with flying colours securing the first rank on the merit list. All leading newspapers highlighted her story. The relatives and villagers regretted their rude action against her when they came to know about the news of her domination in the most highly competitive exam. They went to Delhi to bring the audacious girl back home. Now she is a role model of all girls in the town.

The long and the short of the write-up is that success does not happen by default but it is made happen. You have to remain under teeth of difficulties for a long span of time; you have to face all emerging challenges with patience; you have to cope with your milieu. Because world does not care about the teething prolems you face, world only cares about the outcome of what you are doing. When Yogita was expelled from her own village, she did not lose her morale but remained calm and composed and proved her worth at the end. As the famous English proverb clearly says “all’s well that ends well”.

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