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Earth and Moon | Dharti aur Chand | for Class or Std 2

Earth is the third planet from the earth. It is fifth largest planet in Solar System. The Earth is the densest planet. Moon  is the natural satellite of the Earth. Moon is the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System. It is the largest natural satellite in the Solar System. Islamic calender is the lunar calender in which moon's rotation time period is the basis numbers of calculating days in month. In Hindi the Earth is called Dharti (धरती ) and Moon is called Chand (چند ) in Urdu and Chandrama (चन्द्रमा) in Hindi. The Earth is personified as a goddess in German paganism and it is personified as Dharti Maata in India. Earth sometime is referred to as world or Blue planet or by its Latin name "Terra". Moon is the natural satellite of the earth. It has no its light. It shines with the help of Sun light. The Moon is in synchronous rotation with the Earth. Therefore the moon always shows same face with its near side to the Earth. Moon is the brightest object in the sky af…

330 Words Autumn Season Essay for Class 6

By Akbar
330 Words essay for class 6 also can be edited for class 4 to 7
The word season may be defined as "a period of the year characterized by particular conditions of weather, temperature, etc" The word autumn is taken from the old French word "autompne". The name got prominence in 16th Century.  Later the word normalised with Latin word "Autumnus". Autumn season comes after summer and before the starting of winter season in northern hemisphere. Hindi meaning of autumn season is शरद ऋतु . It ranges from September 20 to November 20 in Northern hemisphere. Total season in Indian context are: Spring-Summer-Rainy(Monsoon)-Autumn-Winter-Winter fall. The basic main seasons are Summer, Winter and Rainy. It is the only season named with two names viz. "Autumn" and "Fall"
 In Autumn the leaf color of various trees changes from red to yellow or mix of these two colors. This is the one identification mark of this season. The fruits become juicy …

No Pain No Gain Essay for Class 11

Nobody likes pain. Gain is the unwanted wish of human behavior. But conceptions and success of competitive professional  signals that the reward of hard pain results promising gain . Actually God has not gifted our life to feel of always gain sensation, But to distinguish gain with respect to pain with pertinent life test. Pain actually sets the scale of  gain. I am prophesying it because of this case- One drinker’s wife only wants to distant her husband from wine. She takes it as gain. But in real sense she is not gaining but getting  positive improvement of her more negative pain .
Big success in examination comes after huge painful preparation. And bigger success in one's life put into huge pain. That is why it is commonly said by many people while advising that "no pain no gain" -choice is yours. Sports persons undergoes large painful course of preparation to get top position at national level or international level. The scale of pain is decided by target sets by …

17 Lines Duties of Students Essay for Kids | Point wise For Class 1

This essay will explain the duties of students for kids  kids (for class 1 or 2) . Point wise, 10 lines.

Students have mainly three basic duties.They must obey their parent, teacher and elders.Students must help their parent in homes by following small orders of parents.They must not become unresponsive  to parent and teacher.Students must follow the standard discipline.They must do their study in a set routine.They must learn and practice good manners and habits.Their duties must be focus to their study.Reading habits must be a part of his daily routine.This reading habit makes them more intelligent.Besides study they must do regular exercise.Playing must be a vital part of their routine.Watching too much TV programs  must be avoided.Students must follow polite behaviour.This make him very good citizen.They must know the fundamentals of good eating.They must also avoid junk food eating habits.

1008 Words| Corruption and its Tool for Eradication Essay for Class 12

"Corruption free government is not a necessary condition for rapid economic development. If the corporate and institutions work and uncertainty is checked, progress is possible". -S. Swaminathan

Corruption in any form is treated as an incurable disease, a cause of many social and economical evils in the society and it damages the moral and ethical fibres of the civilization. Indisputably, it is correct that corruption breeds many evils in the society and once corruption starts taking place, slowly and gradually whole country passes through its net and it becomes after sometime an incurable disease. From the point of view of economic growth, there seems to be no clear cut correlation between corruption and the economic growth of a country. There may be presence of some social maladies like inequality of income among the people, moral degradation of people due to the prevalence of corruption, but the parameters of economic growth which are taken on percentage or an av…

Pollution Essay For Class or Std 3

246 Words: This essay on Pollution is suitable for class or stander (std) 3 and it is tried best to make simple so that the students could memorize it easily.  Pollution means mixing of unwanted substances into the environment. Pollution are mainly of three kinds viz. air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Pollution are caused by man or by nature itself. When the presence of any natural substance exceeds the normal level, it is considered as contaminant or pollutant.  Some common pollutants are automobiles fumes, chloroflurocarbons, untreated sewage, industrial effluents, noise beyond 80 db. In India pollution norms are set by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board ). It was established in 1974. CPCB is under Ministry of Environments and Forests.
The pollution level in India was worse between 1947 and 1995. But according to World Bank data India has achieved fastest improvement in controlling pollution between 1995 and 2010. There is still more to do to improve pollution in I…

385 Words | Wild Animal Essay For Class 6

An animal living or growing in natural environment i.e. in undomesticated atmosphere is called a wild animal. These animals are uncontrolled and unrestrained. Their way of behaving their exposure in wildly manner which they have got very natural from birth. These animals sometime behave in very angry way and sometimes in soft manner. It is very unpredicted how a wild animal will behave until one study the whole environment of that animal. The wild animals are tiger, lion, leopard, beer, elephants, monkey, rhinoceroses etc.
Since early times animals have been hunted in large numbers. Elephants were killed for their tusks, Which yield ivory. Similarly Deer for their skin Rhinos for their horns Ostrich for their feathers and Lion for their skin. In order to protect the depleting wild animals the governments of many countries have enacted laws to prevent illegal hunting. In this connection many wild life sanctuaries and national parks have been set up in many countries. These parks have pr…

20 Lines How I Celebrate My New Year Essay for Class 2 Pointwise

31st December is the last day of Gregorian Calendar. In the last phase of December month we feel the warmth of New Year.I celebrate the New Year in my own way.I make a list of delicious food item on 31st December with my sister.Fruit cake is the important item of this day.My mom cooks varieties of dishes on the last day.I make a list of TV program ; which we will watch.Our main choice of program is to watch the gist news of the whole year.I also write our success and failure on a diary.I make a list of our resolution for the New Year.After taking our dinner at 9 pm we watch our favorite TV show.I also listen our favorite songs particularly Qawwali and few Bollywod songs.I also write the top national event in the diary.I also send messages to our relatives.I buy New Year cards for my school friends. I write good wishes to my best friend.I shake hands with my friends in the school.I prepare special New Year card for my class teacher.I also wishes my parent and hug them for being the be…

Computer My Best Friend Essay For Class 8

By Akbar Ali
This topic of Computer my best friend essay" is very important for many students and has become the demand of the today's e-Students. Once upon a time about 20 year ago the beginner  student used to write on wooden board (usually called PATRI in India). These students were dependent on their teacher and school study material.There were no trace of electronic gadget in those days. Time passed and wooden board was replaced by paper  for beginner students. Chalk is replaced by Pencils of various brand. In those time every student had a best materialistic friend like board , number board Kerosene lamp (Diya) , lantern etc. Now a days best materialistic friend concept has been changed. It is now high definition mobile, laptop, cameras , desktop computer , tablet, iPhone etc. 
The development in computing technology has completely changed the teaching and learning pattern of  educational  institutions. Smart class is becoming the status symbol of the private schools. No…