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My Ideal Teacher Essay for std or Class 4

(174 Words) Shri  T. K. Roy is an ideal teacher.  He is smart and energetic. He is very punctual and regular in his duty.  He believes in simple living and high thinking.  He wears a Dhoti and a Kurta and puts on a Gandhi cap.  He is always gentle and polite in his behaviour with the students and his colleagues.  He always reads in his leisure.  He is regarded to be the most learned teacher.  At any moment he can speak on any topic because he has very good presence of mind.  He always speaks in an impressive and interesting manner.  Though polite and humble,  he is a  strong disciplinarian.  He can never allow a mischievous act go unnoticed.  He does not believe in the discipline of the stick.  He has won his students by love and affection.  His teaching is both interesting and effective.  His expression and diction is very clear.  He presents even the most difficult topics in the simplest manner.  He is respected by his students and honoured by the people at large. Keywords:essay for …

Essay on Air Pollution For Grade or Class 6

Air pollution is contamination of unwanted substances with normal and natural air that is undesirable and unfit for use and also are harmful for living organisms.Air pollution can also be defined as : Introduction of harmful chemicals and gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, causing discomfort and harm to humans and other living organisms. It has adverse effects on humans and ecosystems.Source of Air pollution (Causes) The proceeding bad activities of humans are causing air pollution in the environment. The greenhouse effect, increment in the Ultraviolet (UV) rays and acid rain are the main causes of air pollution on Earth. Harmful gases like-Carbon Monoxide that is emitting from vehicles, Sulphur dioxide which is releasing from factories etc is also one of the factors of pollution. Sulphur amalgam is present in Coal and Petroleum. On combustion of these fuels So2 (sulphur dioxide) is released which causes acid rain in the environment. Carbon monoxide gas is produced by the partial comb…

How to Care Teeth Essay

Healthy teeth is essential for all. We seldom care about our teeth. But sound and clean teeth is the most vital part of our health.  Healthy eating and brisk walking do not complete our health cycle. Therefore I am giving here very simple tips of caring teeth and saving wealth ( I mean doctor fee). Just spare 5 minutes daily and save your teeth for ever. This is tested and proven secret. One day I was in a dental clinic. The doctor was giving large lecture to a patient.  I was silently recording the lecture by keeping my smart phone in my pocket. From there I sorted out very important tips ; which I am going to share here.
* Food stuff in the teeth's gum is the most vital agent for generation of bacteria in mouth.
*It is the most advantageous to spare only 5 minutes for teeth cleaning after every meal.
*Mind it!  this five minutes can save your wealth in future if your teeth is vulnerable to dental problem.
*Simple tooth brush never cleans teeth completely.
*There are various h…

Our Bihar Essay

By Aditya Singh : 218 Words: bihar city photo In the north-east part of India, Bihar is situated.It is at the11th position in India's area.The area of Bihar is 94,163 square kilometers.Its length is 483km from east to west.Its width is 345 km from north to south. In the north of Bihar, there is Nepal.In the south of Bihar Jharkhand is situated. In the east of Bihar west Bengal is situated and in the west Uttar Pradesh is situated.Bihar is made of the soils brought by the river Ganga and its tributaries. So, it is called the 'plains of the Ganga.The population of Bihar is10,38,04,637. The position of Bihar according to population is at third.Patna is the largest district and sheikhpura is smallest district of Bihar according to population. Gaya is the largest district and Shivhar is the smallest district (in area) of Bihar. Someshwar range (875m) in west Champaran district is the highest mountain peak of Bihar.The Ganga is the longest and largest river in the Bihar.There are 38 …

An Honest Boy Essay

By Saurabh Singh(213 Words):Keywords:honest work,honest abe,honest stories One day there was fair in the village. All are very happy, they were excited for fair but there was a boy who was very poor and he had not money to buy any thing from fair. His name was Rohit. All children were happy, they were excited for fair and for buying different things from fair.some children buy balloon, some children buy different toys. They buy ice-cream, sweats, samosa, etc. from fair. But Rohit was sitting on the bench near a shop and saw the fair. He saw some boy buying toys. He also wanted to buy many thing but he had no money. After sometime he saw a man whose 500 rupee fall from his wallet, when he was buying a teddy bear but the man would not see this money. Rohit go there and he took this Rs. 500 and gave to that man. Rohit told the story that how Rs.500 fall from his wallet. The man say thank you and ask everyone should have a thing who is in fair but you don't have anything, why? The boy…

Co-Education or mixed-Sex education Essay | 411 Words Co-education Essay For class 6

Co-education in school or college or mixed sex education or mixed-gender education is ironically a debatable subject. Importance of education to both the gender is compulsory for the betterment of society. However we need to assess the positive and negative impact of co-education. It's the urgency for the present social acceptance of women's respectability and for measuring ethical change of our global and local societies in past time. It is because few recent cases have put a question mark on co-education system.  Before 19th century co-education was not widely accepted but In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, co-education grew at larger scale and become much more acceptable. At the end of 19th century 70% of American colleges were coeducational.There are advantages and disadvantages of co-education. But according to the present situation co-education at school level is becoming dangerous.Advantage of co-education: Social interactions create a better understanding be…

Bihu Festival in Assam India Essay

230 words:Bihu festival is associated with farming in Assam in India. Bihu is an important festival of Assamese people in Assam. The word 'Bihu' has been derived from the language of Dimasa people. The Dimasa are one of the oldest inhabitants of Assam in India. The word 'bi' means 'to ask' and 'Hu' means 'peace and prosperity'. Their superior god is "Brai Sibrai" or "Father Sibrai". The season's first crop is offered to father  praying for peace and prosperity. It is observed in the month of April and the commemoration continues for one or a month. Bihu is a profane festival which brings humanity, peace and brotherhood among the various cast and religion. The festival 'Bihu' continues for seven days called 'Xaat Bihu'. The seven days are known as Chot Bihu, Goru Bihu, Manus Bihu, Kutum Bihu, Senehi Bihu, Mela Bihu and Chera Bihu. It is celebrated with great pomp and prosperity  all over the state of Assam.…

My Favourite vegetable Essay For Class / std 2

My favourite vegetable Essay/paragraph.Images of spinach 
Vegetables is one of the most important menu of food.Doctor always advise us to eat much vegetable as vegetables are the blessing for keeping us protected from diseases.  My favourite vegetable is spinach.Because it is very tasty to eat.It is eaten  mostly with bread.It becomes very tasty when it is cooked with Brinjal and Potato.This is a grown mostly in Asia.This belongs to Goosefoot family.It can be grown easily.Spinach is called Palak (पालक ) in Hinid, It looks very green and fresh in the market.Spinach is very rich with Vitamin-A and Vitamin C.100g of Spinach has Vitamin A -187% , Vitamin C-46 % , Calcium-9% ,  Iron-15% vitamin B6-10%. It is good for our teeth  and for our eyes .China is the largest producer of spinach as per 2008 data.United States is the second largest producer of spinach. Keywords:facts about vegetables, summer vegetables, asian vegetables,roasted vegetables.