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Free Punctuation worksheet for class or grade 3 ICSE

In this worksheet punctuation marks are omitted. Copy and print this worksheet except the answer ; which is given below. The punctuation correction is in red colour for clarity.
1. Oh no the bridge has collapsed

2. Have the queen the king and the princess had their breakfast asked the minister

3.Pizzas burgers ice cream french fries and cake will be served at my birthday party.

4. Phew I have finally completed my project

5.Is this the way to the house of your aunt

6.JK Rowling the author of the famous Harry Potter series is neighbour

7.My dog an alsatian  terrifies everyone

8. Darzee and his wife couched down bedroom of the corner of the hut without answering as they could clearly hear the voices of the thieves coming closure to their house

9. My best friend Geet govndawi is leaving school today
10. Go away shouted the little boy
Answer:Watch the answer only after answering the above worksheet.
1. Oh no! the bridge has collapsed.
2. 'Have the queen the ki…

Letter for Getting Back my Certificates from College Asking HOD

Going back to college for getting certificates back from HOD is very  mucheasy with this letter.  However , this request letter is written for 'getting a certificate' for an applicant who has asked to write this letter but he has not submitted full details of the later which one he wanted. I request all the applications and letter topics submitter  to kindly give details of the letter which they want. Read the letter: ------------- To, The HOD, X X X College New Delhi Sir, Sub:Request letter for getting back submitted certificates.
I beg most respectfully to state that I have submitted my Mark-sheet and final passing certificate in the college on October 28, 2013 for the purpose of xxxx xx xx.
I therefore, request you to kindly return back my  submitted certificates and oblige. I enclose xerox copy of certificates .
                                Thanking you,
                                        Your faithfully
                                           XX XXXX

Essay on A Winter Morning for Class 5

Winter outfits and winter morning are closely associated and boost the stunning cool beauty of the Winter season. Great architect that is god has designed the beauty of winter morning by collecting and mixing all the comfortable feeling colours. The pleasing excellence of winter morning seems that the sunbeam is conversing with birds in a rare poetic language. Great American poet Ted Kooser was recovering from cancer. At that time he wrote a series of poems (Ted Kooser Poems) on early morning winter walks around his farm. These poems were gathered and published in a book named 'winter morning walks'. In this book his marvelous tricks of poetic sense is enough to mesmerise our mood and inclination. So winter morning walks has high rating than other morning times walks. In my life I have noticed many people starting their morning walks at winter time. So the beauty of winter morning itself is conversing and establishing it's importance. The sunrise, the chilled air…

Essay on My Ambition in Life | Doctor Artists etc.

By Azra Ahmad: 432 words:Ambition is strong willingness for succeeding or achieving target, goal distinction etc. and to make  special aim to reach Up to the set dream. How to choose your ambition :   Dreaming about aim is simple but many of us are weak to set our ambition at right time in our lives . It is the only one fault that forces us to dream even at the expiry stage . For many years self-undefined and unsettled students do not remain sure about their ambition . Why to remain confused in this computing age . Every thing including emotion can be computed . Then why not our ambition or Aim of life can be assessed. Now I am explaining very simple method to choose your goal or ambition.l. Write all options whatever comes in your mind . in doing this follow your heart.Write your strong subject or field and weak  subject.Asses your future financial support. In this  case parent will assist you.Now find strength and weakness at present situation. Present situation means at which sta…

Promoting good governance in public organisation essay in hindi

सार्वजनिक संस्थान हमेशा ही कुशासन के शक के घेरे में रहें हैं। आम लोगों का नजरिया इन संस्थानों के प्रति अति निम्न रहा है।   इसका मुख्य कारण है सार्वजनिक संस्थानों के कार्यकारी स्तर की कमी, निर्पेच्छ  शासन का आभाव , लोगों के प्रति तथा अपने काम के प्रति प्रभावहीनता  और कर्महीनता। इन संसथानो में लोग कर्म ही पूजा को भुलाकर कर्म की उपेक्षा में लग गए । आज कल तो कर्म की उपेक्षा करने के नए नए तकनीक भी प्रचलन में हैं । जब कभी भ्रष्टाचार का प्रश्न सामने आता है यह लोग अपनी ओर  न सोचकर दुसरे की ओर उंगली उठाते हैं। और यह बहुत सामान्य सी घटना हो गई है । यदि आप भारत की पूरे जनमानष से यह प्रश्न पूछेंगे तो सत प्रतिशत कोई भी भ्रष्ट और कामचोर नहीं मिलेगा ।सभी भ्रष्ट दुसरे लोग होते हैं । कठिन सवाल यह है कि यह दुसरे लोग हमी में से हैं।यही समीकरण सार्वजनिक संसथानो की लुटिया डुबाए हुए है। अच्छा शासन अच्छे प्रबन्धन, अच्छा संपादन , अच्छे अनुबंधन और  अन्ततः अच्छे प्रतिफल को अग्रषित करता है। सार्वजनिक सस्थानो क उच्च पथ के शासकों की सबसे बड़ी कठिनाई है कि जो  निचले श्रेणी के पदाधिकारी और कार्यकारी लोग हैं वे संसथ…

412 Words Essay on Flood for Grade or Class 5

The overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal course due to heavy rainfall is called 'flood'. The word  “flood” has come  from  Old English “flod” and also from Latin words fluctuss and flumen. Flood is a natural disaster.

 Causes of flood:-
There are several causes of flood like due to heavy rainfall, overflowing of the river, cloudburst, snowmelt due to global warming,  landslide of the nearby mountain of the river ,  Catastrophic flood etc.
Now I am explaining few of these reasons.
Global warming is causing disastrously to put us on the verge of creative flood. Temperature rise on each ear raises the sea level due snowmelt of polar region and also that of mountains. These excess water raises the sea level that ultimately is affecting the rivers to flow over its  banks. At this situation heavy rainfall is adding to turn the situation in rampant and is submerging the non-flood zone also.

Rapid flooding  events more often occur on smaller rivers, rivers with steep va…

Prime Essay Point wise

By Cheung Shun Sang:How can you shape your life?
If there are no prime in nature then how can step in lawfully.
If you had no keys to door that grand then how you can come in.
Innings have ways and tricks.
Labors of loves have laugh at last.
Words are lace works and forces are means.
With no lattices draw in red then there are no blue.
Babe blues are sets of moods.
Life propositions are loves and wealth.
Physiology all are may be normal as shaped.
All across the boards are buys and sells.
Buy me but no sell me.
Who look up to china commie and who just look up to loose cannons.
Life that made as FRAUST would be living hard devices and lame questions for life.
What are news?
As china commies black out our worlds or acting about with laws that bad or with hearts that false.
To be primed to do our propositions must be good but lured.
Lusts are sexes.
Who play a trick or pull a stunt.
Genes of deer could be horses in case of fake syllogism and china tyrant dictators’ means of words and literary persecutions.

Water Pollution Essay for Grade or Class 4

478 Words: Water Pollution is the process of making water unsuited for usability or we can say that degrading its natural state to an impure condition by discharging directly or indirectly unwanted material into water. The effects of water pollution are very destructive and suicidal.
Watch these photographs to grasp better idea to think more collectively about water pollution. Each photo snap is telling the story of our contribution in water pollution.
When most important need of ours is easily available in sufficient quantity then we become habituate to ignore its value. Water is the only reason of all living beings on this globe. Despite knowing this, we seldom care about its importance and we are calling the deadly anticipated water crisis scarce of our future. God has gifted water to us in the ratio of 3:1. Three part water put its abundance on one part of land. It looks like that water is everywhere but Fresh water is nowhere. Why water pollution is unstoppable: Water pollution is a…

Holi Essay For Class 10 in English | Composition on Holi or Fagua or Fag in

Holi is celebrated in India from ancient time. Originally it was known as "Holika [होलिका ]". According to Hindu panchang this festival is celebrated in Falgun the last month of Hindu calender year and the last full moon day of Falgun. The festival is celebrated for two days. The first day's event is small but is very important according to Hindu Book. It is called Holika Dahan in Hindi. On second day people throw colors on each other. It is called Dhurendi or Dhulendi or Dhulivandan. Holi sonngs are sung by many in group with dhol instrument. Every one embrace each other and forget old bitterness and reestablish friendship. The round of throwing colors on each other and singing Holi songs continue up to noon time. After that people take bath and take rest after taking delicious food. At around 3 pm they go to ohther's home and apply Abeer (one type of dry color) and embrace with love and affection  and finally present sweet.  This popular festival sends the signa…

442 Words Essay on Lal Bahadur Shashtri

By Azra Ahmad:442 Words:This essay can also be used as an 'information about lal bahadur shastri' . You can find here good collection of 'Lal Bahadur Shastri photo'
                    Lal Bahadur Shastri Lal Bahadur Shastri was born on 2nd October 1904. He was the second  prime minister of Independent India and was the leader of the Indian National Congress party. He was born in Mughalsarai in Shrivastava  Kayastha family. His father was Sharada Prasad Shrivastava who was a school teacher and later became a clerk in the Revenue Office at Allahabad. His mother was Ramdulari Devi. Shastri’s father died when Shastri was only a year old. Shastri was educated at East Central Railway Inter college inMughalsaraiand Varanasi. He graduated with a first-class degree from the Kashi Vidyapeeth in 1926. He was given the titleShastri("Scholar"). The title was a bachelor's degree awarded by the Vidya Peeth, but it stuck as part of his name. Later he married to Lalita Dev…

Essay on Time Machine for Grade 4 | I would like to invent a time machine Essay For Class 4

By Anusa : 588 Words: Machine is a device which performs human activities very efficiently and effectively. So 'time machines' may be explained as device which can take us in the existence of past , present and future. Alternatively we can say that a time machine is a machine which is capable of transporting a person backward or forward in time. Using a time machine we can see the past time i.e. the early days and also we can see the future times. Before writing about my invention I would like to focus the idea of time machine with the help of the two most popular Japanese Cartoon series ; which are very interesting and most famous amongst the children. Similarly there is a cartoon series which may you will be familiar too of Doraemon and Kiterestu. I would like to write this essay by giving examples. 1st example: Doraemon is Japanese manga (a Japanese genre of cartoons having a fantasy theme) series created by Fujiko Fujio which was first appeared in December 1969 . The series …