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New Year Quotes Wishes Messages 2015

We all have silent strength in us .We fail because of our ignorance abut that .
Winners ride on their strength .
Losers seldom believe on that.
Optimists only make resolutions.
Champions execute the made resolutions.
So let us redecorate our belief and confidence in 2015 to achieve our aspirations.
Wishing Happy New Year 2015 to you all your family members. Avenues and scopes are unlimited.
Our thoughts are very limited.
Let us explore the hidden gems of 2015.
Wishing Happy New Year 2015 to you all your family members.
Wish this year brings immense happiness and prosperity.
Fills your home with fresh joy and spirit.
Happy New Year 2015 The year 2013 -India
Will be known to us for:
Lokpal and lokayukt bill
Retirement of master blaster.
End of great film maker Yes Chopra.
Road shows of Kejriwal.
Natural cloudburst and calamities of Utterakhand.
Record success of Samsung Galaxy.
Huge success Android OS.
End of Madiba (Nelson Mandela).
Mischief of Asharam Bapu.
PM Candidature of Na…

Rise in Prices in India For Class 5

Rise in food prices in India has become a big concern for protecting the lives of low income groups. If anyone ask me - "what are the Problems in India?". I think  rise in food price  and food scarcity rank on top of all the major issues. It is because human lives directly depends on food. Food insufficiency always knee-downed the economic stature of India. Large section of low working class people live with uncertainty of not getting daily job.
Thus their daily meals always remain on threat. This panic kills these workers throughout their lives. In addition to this difficulties, rise in food price proves deadly slaughter for these people. It is not a light issue. If the right national level strategy is not adopted then these section of the citizen will deviate from the main stream and that will be a giant danger for the peace, security and harmony. It is to be noted that burning stomach pushes normal behaving person towards animal thinking.
Reason of Food price rise - Price …

A letter to The Editor Against the Irregular Supply of Water

Importance of water is much more for all living things. Many people now a days are facing water issues in various part of the many countries. This is a very important issue to draw attention of people, media and  government. So let us read this sample letter. Q. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper against the irregular supply of water in your town.
19th Dec 2013. The editor,
The Statesman,
Chaurangi Square,
Kolkata -7 0 0 0 0 1.
Dear Sir,
I  beg to draw your attention towards irregular supply of water in our town for several weeks. The people living in our town are not getting sufficient water for many days. Also they are unable to get clean drinking water. The supply of water is being stopped for a week. During this situation we are starving  for water. We are also facing tough situation for washing, cleaning, cooking, bathing etc. These are common activities in every house. Some times contaminated water has been noticed in the supplied water. Also for not getting clean d…

7 Essays on Health is Wealth

Story Book Characters I would like to meet Essay

By Anusa :534 Words: For Grade 4:
Reading book is in my habit. I read books of good story to learn, imagine and explore my creative thinking beyond the limitation of unexplored feelings of human beings. Sometimes few story characters make a print on my mind. Out of those important characters, one story character "Popstar Keira" ( Barbie in the princess and the popstar story) influenced me up to the bottom of my hearty feeling. Let us watch images of Barbie in the princess and the popstar-click .  The story  which contains the more events and activities about a character sometimes become the hit character of the story. And it's main role draw the attention of the reader at greater scale. So it compels the readers to discuss about the story's moral fibre among their friend circle. And sometime compels to write our feelings  about the main persona. So here is the my feelings about my favourite character to which I would like to meet. Barbie in the princess and the popstar …

Letter to the Editor about importance of good manners

This letter will reminds everybody regarding good manners for kids and works as alarm to learn the importance of etiquette for children. Remember that teaching two good words "please" and "thank you" is the starter mantras of  good manners for children.
Question:Write a letter to the editor stressing on the importance of good manners in our day to day life.
The editor
The statesman
Chouranghee Square
Dear Sir,
l take the liberty to put your attention on the importance of good manners in day to day life. It is becoming necessary for people to give importance to good manners. Many people in our society still talk rudely. They have no manners to talk with others. A sense of politeness have been erased from their conscience. Especially children are required to know and practice good manners, because now a days many children do not respect their elders. In school some children never pay attention to their teachers in the class. That is the result why som…

How to Calculate time of Two Places| timeclock online

To find time of a place you can use Google asonline time clock,but to solve it manually go below.
Q1:If the time is 8 PM on thursday at station A(120°E ) what is the time at station B 120°W).
Solution: Difference of longitude between station A and station B =120°+120°=240°
We know,
1 degree longitude to 1 degree longitude the time difference = 4 minutes
For 240 degree longitude the time difference=240×4=960'
=960÷60=16 hours
Station B is situated at West of station A therefore time of station B will be 16 hour behind the time of station A.
That means the time of station a will be 4 AM.
Actually what we did orally is very simple. We first counted backwards 8 hours and reached at 12 noon after that again we counted 8 hours backward and we reached at 4 a m. Isn't it very simple.
Watch this video to understand clearly.

Q2. When it is 10 am in india what is the local time of tehran (51 1/2° E). Solution: Difference of longitude between station India and Tehran =82 1/2°- 51 1/2° =31…

How to understand World Clock Time | Geography Lessons

We know that world clock understanding is compulsory for the ship driver. But for students of class 7 and above grade, it is very important to understand the world clock system, international time zone and international date time to score high in the examination of geography paper. Many student faces problem in solving the time problems  in Geography. I will clear everything with the help of sketches  and videos.

World time zones: These are the international standard time zones which was agreed in 1884 in the International Prime Meridian Conference. The world time zone was divided into 24 standard time zones. Each zone is a zone of 15 (360÷24) degree longitude span . This was done to keep the uniformity of time at a particular time.

Let us understand this mathematics. We know that each longitude differ by 4 degree to another longitude. So for 15 degree there is difference of  60 (15×4) minutes. Therefore it is clear that each time zone ranges 1 hour in terms of time scale and 15 degr…

Biography of Shakuntala Devi the Indian Mathematician Essay

397 Words: Before starting about a mathematician , let us see few mathematicians of India with photos.
Shakuntala Devi  is popularly known as the "Human Computer". She was a child prodigy and vivid mental calculator. Ms Devi had intrinsic quality of mathematical calculation.
Shakuntala Devi was born in a simple Kannad Brahmin family November 4,1929 . Her father's name was Bishawmitra Mani.
Her unique distinctive and divine quality was showing visibility since the age of three. Her father was a circus performer. Her father was rebelled against becoming a temple priest . Ms Devi was also an astrologer and gave remedies purportedly based on date and time of birth. 

  Once she casted a spell by adding 16-digit number with another one and multiplied the result with any of numbers almost instantaneously. After that she found cube root of the the resultant with a speed of electric current. This miracle talent earned her a place in the 1982 edition of 'The Guinness Book of World…

A Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper Complaining against Rash Driving

Question- A letter to editor of a newspaper drawing to attention of the  concerned department towards the reckless driving  in your locality.
Self Address

Date: November 24, 2013, 

Address of the editor e.g.
The editor
The Times of India

It is right time that drastic steps are to be taken to stop reckless driving of vehicles in the streets of Mumbai. The speed at which vehicles are now driven is a more likely
 danger to the pedestrians and public. Only yesterday, I saw a man narrowly escaped from a shocking accident. He was just crossing the road, when a car going at a very high speed suddenly turned to the wrong side of the road and missed knocking him down only by a few inches. Incidents of this kind are of almost daily occurrence. Mumbai police has taken  many good steps to check the  careless driving in  Mumbai, however, There must be more monitoring and regulation regarding rash driving careless driving. More penalties for reckless driving needs to be enforced. I woul…

453 words Essay on Winter Vacation for Class 5

Out of many vacations, winter vacations has its own delight and enthusiasm.  Winter season is blessed with very cool weather conditions. This winter vacation forced me to select best vacation destination of India. I told my Papa about my desire. He agreed and he discussed with his friend's 'family vacation ideas'. After that we ultimately selected best vacation destination as Rajasthan this time. It is because we've visited other vital locations of India but never tasted the magical look of Royal State of Rajasthan. Rajasthan experiences cold climatic condition during winter season similar to other states of India. Blessed with natural beauty and enriched history Rajasthan has been popular destination to attract every third foreign  tourists for it's  palaces, historical forts and  culture. The palaces of Jaipur, lakes of Udaipur, and desert forts of Jodhpur, Bikaner & Jaisalmer are among the most preferred destination of many tourists. Mehrangarh Fort (Clic…

Essay On Winter Vacation for Grade 2

By Azra Ahmad (435 Words): Winter  vacation falls in the month of December and lasts for about twenty days from December 14 to January 7 in Indian school.  The school's yearly function is inaugurated  every year just before the commencement of the winter vacation. The highest attractions of this vacation is the winter carnivals, Christmas celebration and New Year's enthusiasm.  It is  entertaining, exotic and cherishable moments for all of the students.. We usually prepare for our group dance  program, for about five days before to deliver our best in the function. For this, special permission is granted by our principal. Dance, singing, poem a elocution and drama are the main events of my school. After the program, our teachers takes us to our respective classes. There we receive our gift packets one by one. We also receive a toy from the school. After that we return back to our home happily.
The above sentences are kept simple  to make feel the student of clas…

A letter to the Editor of a newspaper For Frequent Power Cuts

'Power supply in India is not an issue as India in today's time has much potential of power generation.  Today's transmission system has backup power from many grids. But due to certain local problem there are still many problems those need to be arrested and to be solved. Out of those problem one is chosen and same is raised to a newspaper editor.
The question may be like this.

 Question-Write a letter to editor of a newspaper drawing to attention of the rities concerned to the problem of frequent power cuts power ( failures today  ) in your locality.
Self Address


Address of the editor e.g.
The editor
The statesman

Frequent power cuts in our area have become a very big problem in our day to day life. There is hardly any area which is not affected by this problem. The whole society and system are paralysed for the time being.
We are suffering from this problem from several days. We are not getting proper electric current for our work. It has become a heada…

Diwali Festival Essay for class or Grade 2

Let before starting, first we see few photographs ofDiwali cards,Diwali greetings cardsand 'eco friendly diwali' images to feel the mood of this festival.Diwali is the festival of lamps. It is the famous festival of India. Diwali is also known as Deepavali. It is the most famous festival in north India. Diwali falls in the month of October. But exact date varies from year to year. Diwali is the home coming of Lord Rama after defeating the demon  king Ravna. People wear new dresses. Gifts are given and taken. Children buy firecrackers. They also help their parent to decorate the house with lights and Diyas ( in Hindi script दिया  ). This Diwali we enjoyed car travelling to see the evening lighting decoration. My mother cooked delicious food.To get more points on diwali Go here-Diwali Essay for class 4.

Apostrophes Punctuation Worksheet for class or grade 3

The question may be as given below.  Copy paste the worksheet and put punctuation marks in Ms Word or do it on a hard copy and after completing the worksheet see the answer given below. Repeat it until you're Geet the mastery of apostrophes.

Question: Put in the appropriate apostrophes.

a. My cats has been so sick lately that lm wondering if shes ever going to get better
b. Theyve been having lots of fun in the games period.
d. Its time to watch cricket on TV
E. My brothers  T-shirt cool. ( one brother)
f. The crows crawing in the morning wakes me up
G. The team has made its decision and theyre  happy with it.
h. It was somebody elses idea to change not mine.
I. Dhruvs been swimmin since he was three years old!
J. Ive always wanted to be able to sing well. k. Mr Banerjee taking his sons cricket gear to the school for him.
I.  she has her three daughters classes to think about.
a. My cat's has been so sick lately that l'm wondering if she's ever going to get better.
b. They…

Flowers and its use in Our Society Essay For Class 4

By +Azra Ahmad: Lotus, Jasmine and Rose flowers have highest cultural presence in our society. Flowers are close to our heart for its delicate bloom, appearance, aroma and its beauty.  In our childhood whenever we start drawing then flowers mentally coerce us by its natural beauty to sketch it first. Three most important things close to human heart are song, child and flower. Flower is the garland of groom, bed decor of the newly married couple, honor of the leader's success, blessing indication of God , best substitute of worshiping need and many more.
Sometimes luck is wished with flower. Hindus offer flowers to Gods as a symbol of devotion and love . Lotus flower has highest value in the Hinduism. It is looked upon as purity of beauty peace and prosperity. Flower juice is an important ingredient of honey.  Flowers also have big roles in scent. Internationally every nation recognise one flower as a national flower. E.g.Lotus is the national flower of India.   Flowers opportuned p…

Essay on School Bag for Class 5 Problems and issues

Watching our children  back to school with overloaded school bags leaning towards front side is very disgusting and pathetic. School bag remains overloaded on each school day. Despite class routine, few teachers do not maintain standard practice of school routine. One disease has been spread throughout all the English medium school in India of recommending  book list of extra and unnecessary books.These books unnecessarily add extra unwanted load on the spine of student's backpack. Despite few teachers being inconsistent of not maintaining class routine, they often punish students if they fail to bring even a note book. Overloaded Schoolbag has become a big issue for today education system in lndia. Despite school routine the English medium education  is heading towards wrong and confused path. You should be thinking right now that  I am a mad, no! Not at all. Actually school management and teachers are mixing two right decisions in wrong direction thereby unbalancing the goal o…

Free Punctuation worksheet for class or grade 3 ICSE

In this worksheet punctuation marks are omitted. Copy and print this worksheet except the answer ; which is given below. The punctuation correction is in red colour for clarity.
1. Oh no the bridge has collapsed

2. Have the queen the king and the princess had their breakfast asked the minister

3.Pizzas burgers ice cream french fries and cake will be served at my birthday party.

4. Phew I have finally completed my project

5.Is this the way to the house of your aunt

6.JK Rowling the author of the famous Harry Potter series is neighbour

7.My dog an alsatian  terrifies everyone

8. Darzee and his wife couched down bedroom of the corner of the hut without answering as they could clearly hear the voices of the thieves coming closure to their house

9. My best friend Geet govndawi is leaving school today
10. Go away shouted the little boy
Answer:Watch the answer only after answering the above worksheet.
1. Oh no! the bridge has collapsed.
2. 'Have the queen the ki…

Letter for Getting Back my Certificates from College Asking HOD

Going back to college for getting certificates back from HOD is very  mucheasy with this letter.  However , this request letter is written for 'getting a certificate' for an applicant who has asked to write this letter but he has not submitted full details of the later which one he wanted. I request all the applications and letter topics submitter  to kindly give details of the letter which they want. Read the letter: ------------- To, The HOD, X X X College New Delhi Sir, Sub:Request letter for getting back submitted certificates.
I beg most respectfully to state that I have submitted my Mark-sheet and final passing certificate in the college on October 28, 2013 for the purpose of xxxx xx xx.
I therefore, request you to kindly return back my  submitted certificates and oblige. I enclose xerox copy of certificates .
                                Thanking you,
                                        Your faithfully
                                           XX XXXX

Essay on A Winter Morning for Class 5

Winter outfits and winter morning are closely associated and boost the stunning cool beauty of the Winter season. Great architect that is god has designed the beauty of winter morning by collecting and mixing all the comfortable feeling colours. The pleasing excellence of winter morning seems that the sunbeam is conversing with birds in a rare poetic language. Great American poet Ted Kooser was recovering from cancer. At that time he wrote a series of poems (Ted Kooser Poems) on early morning winter walks around his farm. These poems were gathered and published in a book named 'winter morning walks'. In this book his marvelous tricks of poetic sense is enough to mesmerise our mood and inclination. So winter morning walks has high rating than other morning times walks. In my life I have noticed many people starting their morning walks at winter time. So the beauty of winter morning itself is conversing and establishing it's importance. The sunrise, the chilled air…

Essay on My Ambition in Life | Doctor Artists etc.

By Azra Ahmad: 432 words:Ambition is strong willingness for succeeding or achieving target, goal distinction etc. and to make  special aim to reach Up to the set dream. How to choose your ambition :   Dreaming about aim is simple but many of us are weak to set our ambition at right time in our lives . It is the only one fault that forces us to dream even at the expiry stage . For many years self-undefined and unsettled students do not remain sure about their ambition . Why to remain confused in this computing age . Every thing including emotion can be computed . Then why not our ambition or Aim of life can be assessed. Now I am explaining very simple method to choose your goal or ambition.l. Write all options whatever comes in your mind . in doing this follow your heart.Write your strong subject or field and weak  subject.Asses your future financial support. In this  case parent will assist you.Now find strength and weakness at present situation. Present situation means at which sta…

Promoting good governance in public organisation essay in hindi

सार्वजनिक संस्थान हमेशा ही कुशासन के शक के घेरे में रहें हैं। आम लोगों का नजरिया इन संस्थानों के प्रति अति निम्न रहा है।   इसका मुख्य कारण है सार्वजनिक संस्थानों के कार्यकारी स्तर की कमी, निर्पेच्छ  शासन का आभाव , लोगों के प्रति तथा अपने काम के प्रति प्रभावहीनता  और कर्महीनता। इन संसथानो में लोग कर्म ही पूजा को भुलाकर कर्म की उपेक्षा में लग गए । आज कल तो कर्म की उपेक्षा करने के नए नए तकनीक भी प्रचलन में हैं । जब कभी भ्रष्टाचार का प्रश्न सामने आता है यह लोग अपनी ओर  न सोचकर दुसरे की ओर उंगली उठाते हैं। और यह बहुत सामान्य सी घटना हो गई है । यदि आप भारत की पूरे जनमानष से यह प्रश्न पूछेंगे तो सत प्रतिशत कोई भी भ्रष्ट और कामचोर नहीं मिलेगा ।सभी भ्रष्ट दुसरे लोग होते हैं । कठिन सवाल यह है कि यह दुसरे लोग हमी में से हैं।यही समीकरण सार्वजनिक संसथानो की लुटिया डुबाए हुए है। अच्छा शासन अच्छे प्रबन्धन, अच्छा संपादन , अच्छे अनुबंधन और  अन्ततः अच्छे प्रतिफल को अग्रषित करता है। सार्वजनिक सस्थानो क उच्च पथ के शासकों की सबसे बड़ी कठिनाई है कि जो  निचले श्रेणी के पदाधिकारी और कार्यकारी लोग हैं वे संसथ…

412 Words Essay on Flood for Grade or Class 5

The overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal course due to heavy rainfall is called 'flood'. The word  “flood” has come  from  Old English “flod” and also from Latin words fluctuss and flumen. Flood is a natural disaster.

 Causes of flood:-
There are several causes of flood like due to heavy rainfall, overflowing of the river, cloudburst, snowmelt due to global warming,  landslide of the nearby mountain of the river ,  Catastrophic flood etc.
Now I am explaining few of these reasons.
Global warming is causing disastrously to put us on the verge of creative flood. Temperature rise on each ear raises the sea level due snowmelt of polar region and also that of mountains. These excess water raises the sea level that ultimately is affecting the rivers to flow over its  banks. At this situation heavy rainfall is adding to turn the situation in rampant and is submerging the non-flood zone also.

Rapid flooding  events more often occur on smaller rivers, rivers with steep va…

Prime Essay Point wise

By Cheung Shun Sang:How can you shape your life?
If there are no prime in nature then how can step in lawfully.
If you had no keys to door that grand then how you can come in.
Innings have ways and tricks.
Labors of loves have laugh at last.
Words are lace works and forces are means.
With no lattices draw in red then there are no blue.
Babe blues are sets of moods.
Life propositions are loves and wealth.
Physiology all are may be normal as shaped.
All across the boards are buys and sells.
Buy me but no sell me.
Who look up to china commie and who just look up to loose cannons.
Life that made as FRAUST would be living hard devices and lame questions for life.
What are news?
As china commies black out our worlds or acting about with laws that bad or with hearts that false.
To be primed to do our propositions must be good but lured.
Lusts are sexes.
Who play a trick or pull a stunt.
Genes of deer could be horses in case of fake syllogism and china tyrant dictators’ means of words and literary persecutions.

Water Pollution Essay for Grade or Class 4

478 Words: Water Pollution is the process of making water unsuited for usability or we can say that degrading its natural state to an impure condition by discharging directly or indirectly unwanted material into water. The effects of water pollution are very destructive and suicidal.
Watch these photographs to grasp better idea to think more collectively about water pollution. Each photo snap is telling the story of our contribution in water pollution.
When most important need of ours is easily available in sufficient quantity then we become habituate to ignore its value. Water is the only reason of all living beings on this globe. Despite knowing this, we seldom care about its importance and we are calling the deadly anticipated water crisis scarce of our future. God has gifted water to us in the ratio of 3:1. Three part water put its abundance on one part of land. It looks like that water is everywhere but Fresh water is nowhere. Why water pollution is unstoppable: Water pollution is a…

Holi Essay For Class 10 in English | Composition on Holi or Fagua or Fag in

Holi is celebrated in India from ancient time. Originally it was known as "Holika [होलिका ]". According to Hindu panchang this festival is celebrated in Falgun the last month of Hindu calender year and the last full moon day of Falgun. The festival is celebrated for two days. The first day's event is small but is very important according to Hindu Book. It is called Holika Dahan in Hindi. On second day people throw colors on each other. It is called Dhurendi or Dhulendi or Dhulivandan. Holi sonngs are sung by many in group with dhol instrument. Every one embrace each other and forget old bitterness and reestablish friendship. The round of throwing colors on each other and singing Holi songs continue up to noon time. After that people take bath and take rest after taking delicious food. At around 3 pm they go to ohther's home and apply Abeer (one type of dry color) and embrace with love and affection  and finally present sweet.  This popular festival sends the signa…

442 Words Essay on Lal Bahadur Shashtri

By Azra Ahmad:442 Words:This essay can also be used as an 'information about lal bahadur shastri' . You can find here good collection of 'Lal Bahadur Shastri photo'
                    Lal Bahadur Shastri Lal Bahadur Shastri was born on 2nd October 1904. He was the second  prime minister of Independent India and was the leader of the Indian National Congress party. He was born in Mughalsarai in Shrivastava  Kayastha family. His father was Sharada Prasad Shrivastava who was a school teacher and later became a clerk in the Revenue Office at Allahabad. His mother was Ramdulari Devi. Shastri’s father died when Shastri was only a year old. Shastri was educated at East Central Railway Inter college inMughalsaraiand Varanasi. He graduated with a first-class degree from the Kashi Vidyapeeth in 1926. He was given the titleShastri("Scholar"). The title was a bachelor's degree awarded by the Vidya Peeth, but it stuck as part of his name. Later he married to Lalita Dev…